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These Brave Teens Noticed Something Weird And Unexpectedly Rescued The Girl!

That day Jocelyn Rojas was playing in her Grandmother’s front yard. Nobody could even think that this 5-year-old girl would be abducted by a stranger some minutes later. A man just lured her with the ice cream, shoved her into his car, and left.

Brave teens noticed something weird and unexpectedly rescued the girl!

More than a hundred of people spread through the neighborhood to block off streets and try to stop the kidnapper. But there was also a team of two boys who decided to help out on their own.

Those were Temar and Chris, both 15 at the time of the incident. They were playing together when they heard about the incident in their neighborhood. Without losing time, boys hopped on their bikes and went to look for Jocelyn.

Brave teens noticed something weird and unexpectedly rescued the girl!

They soon spotted a suspicious car that seemed to be avoiding roadblocks. They decided to chase and check if it was the kidnapper or not. Soon enough they had a chance to get a closer look. Temar looked at the driver and realized something was definitely wrong with him. He had a feeling that man could be the kidnapper so he locked eyes with him and said “I see you.” Looks brave but not too scary for the criminal, doesn’t it?

But the miracle happened! The man pushed the girl out of his car and left. Temar said that Jocelyn ran straight to his arms and wanted to see her mommy.

The boys provided police with the detailed description of the captor, so he was found and arrested a day later. It’s scary to think what could happen with little Jocelyn unless these brave boys came across. Thanks, guys, for being so awesome!


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