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These Are The World’s Top 10 Most Dangerous/ Deadliest Diseases!! AIDS is 6th! Guess #1!!

In today’s world human race is up against many great challenges and threats. On one front it’s facing the challenges of evolution and survival, and on the other, it is threatened by its existence. One of the greatest threat is the spread of many deadly diseases among human species; these diseases include the wide range of viral or bacterial invasions, immunity or genetic disorders and cardiac problems. Many are epidemic and just on a single outburst affects hundreds of lives. Like in recent days, Ebola has become a major threat to people of African states and few others. This disease, in particular, is caused by the Ebola virus which disrupts the circulatory system, and ultimately the patient starts to bleed through different orifices like eyes and nose, etc.


Ebola was just an example out of hundreds; there are many which because sudden painful deaths, their cure can or cannot be known. This disease might not be known by many of us, but they indeed are causing devastation on a wide scale. The top ten most dangerous and deadliest diseases are cut down here to aware from the harms of them so you would know how to prevent yourself and your families from these curses.


When Mycobacterium Tuberculosis infect the human lung tissues, TB occurs. It is that airborne disease which is now can be successfully treated however in the past due to lack of treatment facilities many people died because of TB. Still in many underdeveloped parts of the world tuberculosis is common disease. About 900,000 people died due to tuberculosis in 2012, reported by WHO.

Tuberculosis-top ten worst and dangerous diseases


1.1 million Deaths are reported worldwide due to prematurity or birth complications. Lack of nutrition and medical care services are the primary cause of such condition. Most pf the deaths occur in the very first week of child life. The rate of such deaths can be decreased by providing better prenatal and postnatal care to the individuals.

preterm birth complications-top ten most danerous diseases


Diabetes Mellitus is a disease where the pancreatic cells are unable to produce to insulin or sufficient insulin in the body which affects the balance of blood glucose. The high glucose level in the blood can affect and damage many organs and may even cause their permanent death. In 2012 about 1.5 million people died due to diabetes mellitus.

diabetes mellitus-top ten most danerous diseases


Diarrhea may seem an ordinary disease, but it also has brought great loss and deaths where patients may die out of excessive dehydration. Medication and hydration are the two cures that can save the life of the patient. Due to Diarrhea 1.53 million people died in 2012, particular in those countries where there is no proper sanitation and people cannot afford to drink clean water. The viruses, parasites and bacteria when once enter the body they infect the intestines thus water is not absorbed into the body.

diarrhea-top ten most danerous diseases


Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is caused by HIV virus that attacks the human immune cells and alters their functioning ultimately the entire immune system is disrupted, and donor protects the body from any threatening attack. HIV/ AIDS is sixth most growing dangerous disease. Since the start of this disease about 39 million died due to AIDS, and in 2013 2.7 percent deaths were recorded because of AIDs which is estimated to be 1.57 million. AIDS once cannot be cured hence prevention is most important to stop the spread of the disease.

AIds-top ten most dangerous diseases in the world


Environmental toxins, carcinogens, and smoking are the primary factors causing the lung cancers. There has been a record loss of 1.6 million lives in the years 2012 due to the lung, trachea, and bronchus cancer. Cancer in any of these parts gradually spread through the entire respiratory system and causes a painful death.2.9 percent of the total deaths worldwide are caused by this disease.

lung cancer-top ten deadliest diseases


The estimated figures of the total caused by these infections are 3.1 million deaths in the world during the year 2012 along. The range of diseases that affects the lower respiratory system mainly includes pneumonia, influenza, and bronchitis. It is currently known to be the 4th most dangerous disease around the globe. In northern hemisphere of the world, these diseases exist in a more critical stage.

lower respiratory infections-top ten most danerous diseases


COPD is a lung disease and is known to be the 3rd most dangerous disease in the world. It is associated with respiratory disorders. It is the chronic disease which makes it extremely hard for the patient to breath as the lungs are unable to perform their routine function. World health Organization gave the figure of 3.12 million deaths reported due to COPD in the year 2012. Tobacco is the primary cause of the disease other than pollution. There can be no complete cure for this disorder, but it can be stopped from progression using proper medication.

COPD-top ten most danerous diseases


Stroke is the 2nd most dangerous disease in the world. It is perhaps known to many of us which are a state in which the arteries supplying blood to the brain are either blocked or leaks which make the brain cells deprive of the oxygen, and ultimately they die. Around the world, about 6.7 million people died out of stroke according to the report of World health organization, estimated for the year 2012.  That means 11.9 percent of the total deaths was due to stroke only. The figures also state that about 130,000 people lose their lives due to stroke, in the US alone. Stroke causes not only deaths but also the major cause of disabilities in its patients

stroke-top ten most danerous diseases


CAD is the acronym of Coronary Artery Disease mostly known by the name of Ischemic heart disease. It is placed at first position and known to be the most dangerous disease in the world. According to the recent reports presented by World Health Organization, during the year 2012 about 7.4 million people lost their lives due to Ischemic Heart disease, the percentage of 13.2 even rose more in the years that came by. In Ischemic heart disease the Coronary artery that supplies blood to the heart somehow narrows down which results in the obstruction of blood flow to heart muscles ultimately they weakens and are subjected to cardiac failure and or arrest. High cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and smoking are the common risk factors.

coronary artery diseases-top ten most danerous diseases


Rank Diseases Deaths In a Year
1 Coronary Artery disorder 7.4 million
2 Stoke 6.7 million people
3 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 3.12 million deaths
4 Lower Respiratory Infections 3.1 million deaths
5 Trachea, Bronchus, Lung cancer 1.6 million
6 AIDS 1.57 million
7 Diarrheal diseases 1.53 million
8 Diabetes Mellitus 1.5 million
9 Preterm birth 1.1 million
10 Tuberculosis 900,000

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