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These Are The Top Cities Where Transportation Is The Cheapest In The World – Two African countries make the top 10

Transport is one of the most indicative sectors when it comes to studying the cost of living in a country. To this end, a ranking has just appeared. It concerns the taxi ride in the big cities of the world.

The Taxi Price Index surveyed 80 of the world’s largest megacities and examined the nature of the vehicle adopted (classic or VTC taxis) and the average fare over 3 kilometers ( Km), seeking to know “which cities the taxi cost the most in the world? “As reported by agenceecofin.

This classification established by Carspring, a British structure, places Cairo at the head of the big cities of the world where the taxi is the cheapest.


Cairo tops first place

Two African capitals win in the top 10 cities where the taxi costs the cheapest over 3 km. Indeed, Cairo emerges as the top driver in this ranking with a cost of € 0.09 per km and a race from the city center to the airport at € 3.73. It will cost 0,49 € over 3km. In the 6th place, one finds the capital of Tunisia. Indeed, the race for the km has an average cost of 0.38 € in Tunis while the journey between the airport and the city center will return to 3.99 €. For 3km, the expense will amount to 1.44 €.

In addition to the Egyptian capital, three other African cities are in the top 50 of this ranking. It is the Cape of South Africa, which ranks 16th, when Lagos in Nigeria occupies the 46th place.

The South African city has an average cost per kilometer of 0.68 €, while the cost of the airport-city transfer is 14.61 €. In the economic capital of Nigeria, 3 km of racing return to 7,12 € with an average of 1,54 € per km, and the airport-city-center route which cost 13,82 €.

Globally, the Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva are the ones where taxi transportation costs the most for 3km with fees of € 22.43 and € 15.57 respectively.


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