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These Are The Top 9 Celebrities Who Have Regretted Their Cosmetic Surgery!! {With Pictures}

Just because celebrities can afford to get certain cosmetic procedures, this does not mean they can not go wrong. Here is a list of celebrities who have done cosmetic surgeries but have had unexpected results.

1. Heidi Montag

Another celebrity who looked beautiful before her surgery hours, but ten surgeries later, she had bumps, blues, bald spots and unequal breasts, which she then corrected, but even after she ‘Was not very happy about the changes in on body.

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2. Courtney Love

She had a wonderful face at the very beginning, but she had the frenzy of performing cosmetic surgery and it certainly diminished her beauty.

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3. Mickey Rourke

He did five operations on his nose and once on his cheekbones. Because of his box mates, his face was broken several times, but despite various reconstruction procedures, he was not happy.

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4. Kim Kardashian

Although her curves and her behind are definitely real, she had terrible sessions of botox, some time ago, that left her face swollen like a balloon. All his fans left him a message saying: We love you as you are, so please do not change your body in any way.


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5. Jamie Lee Curtis

Although this celebrity has aged very gracefully, it has recently entered the anti-aging procedures as the elimination of some wrinkles and crows feet, but its medications after surgery have proved disastrous. Then she lost all interest in cosmetic procedures.

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6. Kenny Rogers

He calls himself “the man of plastic surgery”, but a series of plastic surgeries went wrong in his file.

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7. Pamela Anderson

The beautiful bay became famous because of her first silicon breast implants that she then withdrew for unknown reasons. But recently, she rediddled her lips, which resulted in a huge duck-shaped face and years of regret to come.

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8. Jessica Simpson

She had a series of injections in her lips to improve her pout, but she ended up looking like a Barbie filled with collagen. But thanks to God for temporary treatment, his lips returned to normal within 4 months.

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9. Denise Richards

Without opting for a good doctor, she continued breast implant surgery and was not satisfied with the result. But later, at 41, she was under the billiard for the third time to repair her breasts again.


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