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These Are The Reasons Russia Is Mostly Feared!

Russia has been discussed in the news a considerable times for a long while, and has accumulated an unimaginable measure of consideration in the USA generally.

They have been blamed for hacking a political gathering’s documents keeping in mind the end goal to support one over the other. They have been blamed for extorting our legislators and planting their own specialists. They have been blamed for spreading a gigantic measure of phony news all through our nation, with a specific end goal to change the course of the general decision.

Over that, some in Europe trust that President Vladimir Putin was pushing for Brexit to debilitate the EU, since he might want to reclaim a greater amount of Eastern Europe.

See more reasons why Russia Has to be feared:

10. They Shut Down Estonia’s Internet Infrastructure For Almost a Month


Estonia is an Eastern European nation close to the Russian outskirt, and they are entirely remarkable with regards to any nation on the planet, since they depend on the web for practically everything. They utilize the web for paying stopping fines, voting, paying service charges and imposes, and practically whatever else you could envision. Children in Estonia are educated to utilize the web appropriately in school at a youthful age, and it is viewed as a standout amongst the most well informed nations on the planet.



That’s why, in 2007, Estonians understandably freaked out when their internet infrastructure was hit by a cyber-attack that managed to keep the entire system down for three whole weeks.war.

9. The Russian Mock Invasion That Would Take Key Islands From Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Some may feel that Russia could never set out go that far into Eastern Europe, or truly continue pushing at all much past Ukraine. In any case, individuals back amid WWII said that Hitler would stop after he took the Rhineland, and they were, off-base. Truly Putin has no motivation to stop unless somebody makes him, and he has officially taken Crimea and generally 50% of Ukraine. While some might be wary, back in March of 2015, Russia led a taunt set of intrusions that were determined to the somewhat crazy and unmistakably made up thought that the West was attempting to physically oust Putin and draw off some sort of upset.


8. With the EU Increasingly Weakening, Russia is in a Stronger Position to Invade Eastern Europe


When the Brexit vote occurred, Putin tried to remain indifferent on the surface, but many experts believe he was very excited. The main thing that stops Putin from taking back the former Soviet States is a strong European Union and a strong NATO, which kind of coincide in a lot of ways right now. Unfortunately, both NATO and the European Union are in historically weak positions, and it seems like that problem is only going to increase as time goes on. With the United Kingdom out of the EU, it is possible more people could leave, and it may be much harder for the Western Europeans to mount any kind of proper defensive support if Putin rolls into Eastern Europe.


7. Russia Today is Kremlin Controlled and Russian Fake News Propaganda is a Global Machine

President Putin tries to dance around the issue, so it isn’t quite as obvious to everyone, but the truth is that Russia Today might as well be Putin’s personal blog. It is funded, owned and operated by the Kremlin – in other words the Russian government. The government claims that it is not totally government controlled, but Putin also admits that it should kind of be expected that they will say things that are positive about the government and its agenda. While not saying it outright, it is clear the purpose of Russia Today is simply to spread the Kremlin’s propaganda all over the world. It is perhaps one of the most unreliable sources on the planet, but many people who see Russia Today in other countries do not realize just how unreliable it is.


6. We May Call Putin a Tyrant, but He’s Extremely Popular in Russia


Putin may be a man who is very interested in conquest, and he has some very grand plans. For this reason, many people like to put him in the realm of comic book villain, and look at him as a truly evil individual. While he does support a lot of draconian laws, especially against gay people, the truth is that Russia has always had very fascistic laws and very little freedom. The Russian people are fairly used to hardship, rationing, and not having a particularly strong say in government. When it comes to being a fascist, if anything Putin is lenient compared to some of the leaders of the past.


5. Putin Has Consolidated Power and May Very Well be President for Life

One of the things that makes it harder for a country like Europe or the United States to deal with threats from dictators is that the dictator has the advantage of remaining in power forever, consolidating his holdings, making him capable of carrying out truly long term plans. On the other hand, countries like the USA have regular elections that change our governmental leaders, which means we constantly have to refresh our policies to deal with the latest threats. Every president will have a different idea on how to deal with our foreign enemies or rivals, and that means an entirely new road map. In the meantime, someone like Putin can remain in office for nearly two decades, ensuring he can slowly work on his goals. Putin was first term limited, then made a new position for himself that was above the president to get that problem out of the way. Then, he managed to become president again after taking care of the pesky term limit issue.

4. There’s a Possibility They Have Blackmail Material on the US President

While we know that Donald Trump has business dealings in Russia, which have been the subject of much suspicion and rumor, and that many in his campaign were said to have contacted Russia during the campaign, which has led some to believe that there is far more to the story. According to a dossier of information, much of which is hard to verify, Trump visited Russia as part of a beauty pageant, and while staying in a hotel room, he got up to some antics that were quite risqué and embarrassing. He allegedly had prostitutes pee on a hotel bed that had once been used by Barack and Michelle Obama.


3. The Gay Concentration Camps Currently Operating in Chechnya (Part Of Russia)

Right now in Chechnya, a region which is now part of the Russian Federation, gay people are being rounded up like dangerous animals and either tortured for days on end or killed. These men are being held in what are essentially being described as concentration camps for gay people. Bounties are being paid for gangs of mercenaries to round up gay men wherever they can find them. This includes their homes, secret gay hangout spots, and they will even perform sting operations to find gay people.


2. Russia Currently Has the Largest Active Nuclear Stockpile in the World

When most people think of the most powerful nuclear country, they tend to immediately think of the United States. But the truth is that Russia actually has a slightly larger stockpile of nuclear weapons than the US does – this includes both stockpiled warheads and those that are fully operational and ready to go. The United States has close to 7,000 nuclear warheads, but Russia has over 7,000, beating the US by a small margin. They also have about forty more active nuclear warheads than America does, with both countries having close to 2,000 that they are ready to launch. Some may think China is close, but they actually don’t have any operational warheads at the moment. The next closest countries are actually France, with a few hundred, and the United Kingdom, with a little over 100 in terms of operational nuclear weapons. For this reason alone, Russia has to be respected.

1. Military Service is Compulsory for Young Men, so Nearly All Russian Males Have Military Experience

The Russians are also dangerous because nearly every male of any decent health has at least a few years of military service under his belt. The Russians have made it compulsory for young men between the ages of 18 and 27 to serve in the military so that every capable citizen will be ready if necessary, and also to keep the military strong, full, and well-disciplined at all times officially.


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