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These Are The Most Watched TV Channels In French-speaking African Countries


The French Society of Sample Surveys polled a total of 18.3 million people aged 15 and over, on their favorite channels and their use of the Internet. The first conclusion of the study is that listening to the radio is declining. 65% of respondents, or 11.8 million people, listen to the radio every day, it is 5% fewer listeners compared to 2014.


In Mali and Burkina Faso, radio is the leading news media. In both countries, more than 70% of the population favors radio on television to find out when an event occurs in the country. Other important information, the radio most listened in the 8 studied countries is Radio France Internationale (RFI).

As for television, an average of 91% of people watch television every day, or 16.6 million viewers. They spend an average of 4 hours 3 minutes a day in front of their small screen and watch an average of 3.7 channels of TV per day. The most watched TV channels in the international and pan-African region are mainly entertainment or entertainment. information: Novelas TV, TV5MONDE, Trace Africa, Canal + Sport, France 24 and Nollywood TV.

On the Internet, 44% of the people surveyed connect to the Internet, 29% of which at least once a week. When looking at country by country, Internet penetration varies from 27% in Burkina Faso to 56% in Senegal. and 57% in Gabon.

In terms of profile, African netizens are predominantly male, with an average age of 29 and an overrepresentation of 15-24 year olds. Moreover, another key element, the use of the Internet is very correlated to the standard of living: the more one belongs to a favored social class the more one is user of the Internet media.

The Africascope study was conducted throughout the year 2017 with “elongated grounds”. This periodicity offers the possibility of communicating throughout the year recent data to the advertising market. Africascope is a device dedicated to media consumption.


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