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These are the Most Dangerous Countries in Africa

The stability of African countries were highlighted in the latest Gallup’s Law and Order Index

There is a general perception that African countries are less stable due to their social, political, economic and demographic vulnerability.

The stability of African countries were highlighted in the latest Gallup’s Law and Order Index

The Law and Order Index, ranking countries according to the level of security, interviewed people from 182 countries worldwide to determine the most secure country in 2017.

After a qualitative analysis by Gallup, it came out with these countries as the five least secure countries on the African continent.




Scoring 61 points on the Law and Order index, local reports indicates that, Botswana’s crime rates have increased over the years, with the year 2017 being a deafening year.

Crimes reported in 2017 included illicit drugs, love killings, road accidents, wildlife poaching and human trafficking.

Although the Botswana police were ranked the best on the continent of Africa in 2017, there are still concerns over brutality of police in the country.





Liberia, scoring 56 points in the Law and Order index, is the fourth least secure on the continent.

The country’s police claim there have been increase in crimes throughout 2017, some of which include property theft as well as simple and aggravated assault.  A recent news report indicated that the operations of the police have been limited due to a number of factors including lack of electricity.


South Africa


In South Africa, one of the highest crime rates in the world has been recorded.  While the rate reduced by 1.8% in 2017, the country is still not as safe.

Some of the most common crimes include murders, sexual assaults and robberies. These crimes have reduced the trust of the citizens in the police, with some believing that it is futile to report some crimes. Due to this, the hiring of private security have increased.




Gabon scores 55 points on the Law and Order index. The country dive quickly into crisis after the disputed of the 2016 elections. Due to the crisis, the country’s parliament was burnt down.

Further from the political crises, there have been increased in non-confrontational crimes such as muggings and theft.


South Sudan


South Sudan scored 54 points on the Law and Order index, making it the most dangerous country in Africa. Globally, it ranks third after Venezuela and Afghanistan.

After gaining independence from Sudan in 2011, the world’s youngest country has been subjected to one crisis after another. Although South Sudan is home to several natural resources including oil, the people are poor and constantly subjected to human rights abuses and food scarcity among other problems.


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