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These Are The Forbidden Photos, Facts About North Korea That Kim Jong-Un Guards From The World

Of course, for all the horror that the world believes is going on in North Korea, there’s still so little we know for sure thanks to a relentless stream of propaganda coming from the country that insists everything is just fine. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows that isn’t the case, but evidence of that fact is rare.

Over the course of the last several decades, some intrepid photographers have risked life and limb to smuggle honest pictures of North Korean life. Here, for your consideration, are some of the best photos along with some facts about one of the most brutal regimes on planet Earth.

1. North Korea Is About the Size of Pennsylvania

And it’s capital city, Pyongyang, has about as many residents as Chicago.


North Koreans Can Defect, For a Price

That price is $8,000 US, a laughably unattainable sum to most North Koreans.


North Korea Is on its Own Time Zone

It’s called Pyongyang Time after the North Korean capital and it runs about 30 minutes behind South Korea.


4. North Korea Claims to Have a 100 Percent Literacy Rate

5. Bill Gates Is Worth Five Times More than NK’s Average Gross Domestic Product

The country earns about $16 billion a year. The Microsoft founder is worth about $84 billion.

6. There Are About 16,000 Miles of Road in North Korea, But Only About 450 Miles of It Are Paved


7. They Were Noted As the Most Corrupt Nation in the World

Technically, they tied with Somalia, but still …

8. On Average, North Koreans Born Since World War II Are About Two Inches Shorter Than Their South Korean Counterparts

This is due to the drastic difference in healthcare and nutrition in either country.

9. Only About 20 Percent of North Korea Has Workable Farm Land

10. Weed Is Legal in North Korea

Because it’s hard to revolt when your short-term memory is totally shot.


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