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These Are The Educational Aids For African Children Living With Asthma

It can be hard to analyze or decipher In Africa, asthma is the third most regular reason of hospitalizing kids. This is because of an absence of determination and an absence of comprehension of the condition.

Be that as it may, if side effects are legitimately comprehended and overseen, asthma doesn’t need to command a youngster’s life.

There are approaches to teach a tyke about asthma in a fun way. We discovered some applications, toys and books that can help make the activity simpler.

1. WizdyPets

WizdyPets is a revolutionary game to make asthma management fun for children. It’s an engaging way for them to learn about asthma prevention. Children learn to control their asthma by caring for a virtual pet (a fire-breathing dragon) that also suffers from asthma.

Children take care of this asthmatic pet by administering the inhaler and looking out for and cleaning up potential asthma triggers such as dust. They can also unlock and play games where the dragon can breathe fire and destroy a smog monster. Children can keep the dragon going during the game by administering the inhaler.

The app is available for all Android and iOS devices.

2. Iggy and the Inhalers

Iggy and the Inhalers is a collection of educational resources, merchandise and toys based on the cartoon character Iggy. This project was created by paediatric allergist Alex Thomas. He drew the Iggy-character when he was 12 years old and suffered from asthma. This collection consists of a website packed with downloadable PDFs and educational videos.

While the website sells merchandise in the USA as well, the free PDFs, activity sheets and videos are available for children in South Africa to learn more about asthma.


3. Kangaroo Kate Has Asthma by Mary B. Hammock

This is a story about Kangaroo Kate’s premature birth and subsequent development of asthma. It describes her difficulties with maintaining healthy lungs and the medicines she takes to get well and stay well.

This children’s book has lovely illustrations and is a good way to teach your asthmatic child that asthma can be managed through a healthy lifestyle and by taking medication regularly.


4. My Asthma Book by Maria Muirhead

This upbeat, beautifully illustrated story is about Katie, a girl who recently found out she has asthma. She is nervous because she isn’t sure if she will be able to use her inhaler. She has been feeling a bit tired lately and is upset because she feels she can’t do all the things she loves and enjoys. She then talks to her older brother, Rian, who also has asthma. In this dialogue between the two siblings, children learn about asthma management, how to cope and how there’s nothing to be scared or worried about.

This book is not just a story book, but includes activities on asthma management, such as connect-the-dots, puzzles, word searches, and colouring activities with the intention to educate children on the basic concepts of asthma.

5. 4M Kidz Lab Human Organz

While this anatomy set for kids eight years and older is marketed towards the budding young doctor or scientist, this can help educate any child about what the lungs do and how asthma affects the lungs. And who knows, maybe your child is a young biologist in the making.


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