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These Are The 6 Most Luxurious Presidential Palaces In Africa!!

Whenever it comes to power and riches, the residence of the African president is best used as the point of  reference. Call it whatever you want but the residences of African presidents are not always referred to as presidential palaces. In fact where as some African states prefer to use the term “State House” or “Presidential Villa,” others are more comfortable with the “Executive  Mansion” or ” Flagstaff House ” – but one thing stands the same in all of these mansions, their great significance and magnificence! We bring you six of the most beautiful of these presidential palaces. The list of these presidential palaces are not in an exact order of precedence as all buildings match up to be equally beautiful in style and stature.


The Union Buildings of Pretoria is the official seat of the South African government located in Pretoria and close to the historic Church Square and Voortrekker Monument. The Buildings which remain the location of all presidential inaugurations has been regarded as a historic landmark of Pretoria and South Africa as a whole considering its emblem of democracy since the Apartheid and tourism appeal.


Located in the Auasblick suburb of Windhoek, the State House of Namibia remains one of the majestic presidential residences in Africa. Described as a fortress by most critics, this building covers about 25 hectares of land bordered by a long steel fence with tainted glasses and spacious guard rooms. The building which estimates a cost of N$400 million Namibian dollars is the administrative capital of Namibia and also the official residence of the President of Namibia.

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Being ranked the 10th most beautiful presidential palace in the world by, The stool-looking edifice of Ghana’s seat of government remains the most respected site in the West African nation. The $45-50 million dollar edifice was reconstructed and inaugurated by the administration of former president John Agyekum Kuffuor. The historic edifice was first named the Golden Jubilee House but later changed by former president John Evans Atta Mills to the Flagstaff House – a development which sparked severe opposition as critics argued that the name Flagstaff House glorified Ghana’s colonial past.


Just the sight of this magnificent building brings back memories of paradise! The Iavoloha Palace is located south from Antananarivo,  Madagascar and thus respected as the seat of the President of Madagascar.


The presidential palace of Dakar, Senegal is most revered for its constructural simplicity but historic richness. With the elegant white vantage and extensive gardens beautifying it, the palace is said to remind most Senegalese of the journey made to gaining independence and also the prosperity the nation has enjoyed in the past decades. It is the administrative seat of government and also the formal residence of the Senegalese president.


The Unity Palace of Cameroon always make it on the ranking of most beautiful buildings in Africa – and of course it is no surprise at all – considering the towering pillars that holds its walls and breathtaking plush of greenery. It remains the presidential palace of the President of Cameroon.


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