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These Are The 5 Largest African-American States In The U.S.!

The population of African-American citizens has significantly changed over the years. The existence of black communities all across US is often determined by their search for a better and more comfortable way of life. There are some states where most black people have progressed in terms of livelihood while other cities remain far behind.

Here are the top locations with the biggest African-American populations in the US.


  1. The District of Columbia. Based on the US Census Bureau, the District of Columbia has the largest population of black community with a percentage of 50.7%. In the past couple of years, the ratio of African-Americans living in Washington D.C. has considerably dropped.

During the 80’s, the percentage of black people in D.C. went up to 70.3%. The decline in population is majorly caused by lack of opportunities for African-Americans including jobs, education, and property. This circumstance has urged a lot of black people to look for better prospects elsewhere and most of them ended up moving to nearby cities such as Virginia and Maryland.

Originally, African-Americans chose to settle in Washington D.C. since it was the country’s capital state and black people were given the right to vote. Most of them found federal jobs which were extended to them by the government.



  1. The second largest black population is found in Mississippi where the African-American community has reached a ratio of 37.3%. In 1870, Hiram Rhodes Revels, a Mississippi resident, became the first African-American to work in the Congress.

 Although there had been a number of developments in this state, the high rate of unemployment still remains to be one of the major problems of the African-American people. Based on the EPI or Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate of black people in Mississippi ranks 9th in 24 states populated by the black community.

  1. Not far behind is the state of Louisiana with an average black population of 32.4%. This is home to some notable black personalities including Louis Armstrong who was born in New Orleans and rose to fame for his contribution to Jazz music.

According to the Schott Foundation for Public Education, most male African-American students have a lower percentage when it comes to graduating from high school. The poverty of black people in this state is, in fact, the highest among all races.

The other two states in the list include 4. Georgia with 31.4% and, 5. Maryland with a 30.1% African-American population.

World Atlas.


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