These Are The 10 Best Rated Hospitals In Africa Right Now.

If you have visions of your spouse and you traveling to the far corners of the earth including Africa, then it would be best to know which are the best hospitals in Africa.  Africa is one of the poorest and underdeveloped continents, and the healthcare situation might not be the best.  However, several nations are developing hence improving their infrastructure systems, and this also includes the health sector.

Some developed nations are also investing in the healthcare sector in the continent.  Some of the hospitals listed below offer world-class treatment.  They have well trained and experienced doctors at your service.

Best African Hospitals

Hosipital Country
1) Gambro Healthcare – Swaziland
2) AIC Kapsowar Hospital Kenya
3) Institut Pasteur de Madagascar Madagascar
4) Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro Abeokuta Nigeria
5) Ganzouri Specialized Hospital Egypt
6) Netcare Group South Africa
7) Arab Contractors Medical Centre Egypt
8. Life Healthcare Hospital Group South Africa
9) Diani Beach Hospital Kenya Kenya
10) Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II Fes Morocco

10) Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II Fes – Morocco

It is a reputed hospital located in Fes, Morocco. With Modern facilities and quality health care, the hospital has also been top in the ranking of Arab hospitals. The leadership of Hassan II University Hospital is committed to the well-being of others.  Its medical and teaching teams are ambitious to make this a research center of expertise committed to structure research in cancer, epidemiological studies, and health economics.

9) Diani Beach Hospital Kenya-Kenya

Rated hospital In Africa

The hospital is a premier private healthcare facility built in 1997 in the picturesque Diani Beach on the south coast of Kenya. Diani Beach Hospital was established Dr. K. S. Rekhi and is adjacent to Leisure Lodge Golf Course.  It is the most skilled health facility on Kenya and one of the best African Hospitals. The facility is renowned for its high-quality medical care and efficient staff.

It started with two private rooms, a laboratory, pharmacy, and a radiology department. Later, six private rooms, a male and female general ward were added. They recently established a physiotherapy department and are in the process of acquiring the most modern analytical equipment.

8) Life Healthcare Hospital Group -South Africa

Life Healthcare is the leading private hospital operator in South Africa. The group concentrates on providing acute hospital care.   Its hospitals are found in the nation’s metropolitan regions in seven provinces. Life Healthcare is the largest hospital group in South Africa and ranks eighth as African best hospitals. It has grown to become a trusted and respected name in the industry. The Group has also built a hospital in Gaborone, Botswana. They also operate a college to ensure that staff remains well-trained.

7) Arab Contractors Medical Centre -Egypt

Found in Cairo, the Arab Contractors Medical Center, it is renowned for its quality care to patients and the community. It offers an impressive spectrum of advanced medical treatments.  Arab Contractors Medical Center SAE is a hospital and referral medical center that offers medical treatments and health services. The Arab Contractors Company built it in 1981.


The impressive facility houses approximately 350 beds and is a leading hospital in the country because of the well-trained and experienced medical personnel and the focus on technology in improving care. The modern hospital aims to make the community it serves healthier.  Services you can find at the hospital include endocrinology, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, and gynecological care at high standards.

6) Netcare Group -South Africa

Netcare Group offers innovative and quality healthcare solutions in South Africa. The Netcare Group manages several hospitals throughout South Africa and the United Kingdom. Netcare is reputable for excellent care at their facilities, and they are considered a good employer. Netcare is also the largest private training institution for essential medical personnel and healthcare workers in South Africa.

5) Ganzouri Specialized Hospital- Egypt

Found in the center of Cairo, it is a private general hospital and one of the best African hospitals. It has been offering healthcare services to the people of this region for almost four decades. The hospital is committed to providing tailored services to patients. It has more than 150 business customers.

The Cairo hospital considers health care the most important aspect of what it brings to the communities it serves.  Its patients benefit from the highly trained doctors and medical staff. Many of the patients are considered business customers, in that they are high-income individuals who need the best care from the facility, and they believe Ganzouri is ideal for them.

4) Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro Abeokuta -Nigeria

The up-to-date hospital for mentally related issues located in Nigeria is committed to providing quality mental health service, training and research in a conductive environment with community participation and international collaboration.

The cost of obtaining any service in the hospital is costly.  However, it is tailored to the economic power of the average citizen of Nigeria. The hospital was an asylum which operated for ten years on the site.

 3) Institut Pasteur de Madagascar -Madagascar

The Institut Pasteur de Madagascar is a public facility run by the Ministry of Health and Family Planning. The government of Madagascar recognizes it as a charity and permits it to operate with funding from various sources. The mode of funding ensures that the standard of the medical center remains high.  It also guarantees the best patient care for all who require the services of the Malagasy hospital. The state-of-the-art hospital offers patients quality medical care at affordable cost.  The state of the facility makes it third African best hospitals.

2) AIC Kapsowar Hospital -Kenya

The AIC Kapsowar Hospital is a hospital located in Kapsowar in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. The African Inland Church (AIC) manages it. The hospital has been offering services to the communities of this region since 1933. It is committed to spreading medical education and welcomes medical students from other nations. Due to the quality of services and the amenities available at the hospital, it is considered one of the best African hospitals.

1) Gambro Healthcare -Swaziland

Image of a rated African Hospital

Baxter International Inc. acquired Gambro AB recently. The new owner is dedicated to advance therapeutic choices dialysis and intensive care patients globally. The hospital helps thousands of patients in the country and beyond.


Before heading off to see the beautiful continent, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with Africa’s hospitals in case you or a companion might require medical assistance.  These hospitals are ideal for patients from other countries or regions sub standard health care. Now that you are aware which are the best hospitals in Africa, you can rest assured that your health and well-being will be catered for.

The many unique challenges that healthcare institutions face in Africa such as poor infrastructure, inadequate medical insurance, and deeply entrenched tribal beliefs are all obstacles that need to be managed to improve the situation in Africa.  Despite the problems, the continent also boasts some impressive medical centers and hospitals which offer world-class services.


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