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These Are Some Of The Bizarre Social Norms Rooted In Kenya

With around 42 ethnic tribes in Kenya, Kenya is a multicultural country. Each ethnic get-together has its own social orders and traditions.

As time cruises by, various gatherings have shed off a segment of the unessential and remedial traditions yet others have unflinchingly adhere to their traditions and remained socially solid to ethnic tribes of Kenya.Some society have shocking cultures  that have  been declared illegal by law in perspective of either their underhandedness to life or basically strife with the law.

Here are a segment of the unpredictable social orders sharpened in Kenya .

Wife Inheritance
This is as yet being drilled in some local towns in the western parts of Kenya, particularly the Luo people group. It is unusual however in the event that your significant other kicks the bucket, you are “taken up” by your better half’s siblings to guarantee the family is firmly bonded.This is being honed yet calm and that is the reason many individuals don’t discuss it these days.

Weird Burial Positions
A few people in the Teso people group bury their dead in an irregular way  that we are not used to. On the off chance that you are a guest, you might be stunned by the way they do it. Their dead is covered sideways with their hands on the cheeks.

Female Genital Mutilation
This is unlawful in Kenya and individuals discovered “circumcising” ladies lock up to 5 years in prison. A few groups like the Kisii have been doing this for quite a while now, however it has definitely lessened because of government intercession, some still do it in profoundly remote ranges.

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Traditional Circumcision Ceremonies
If you are shocked, this still happens in 2017. Especially among the Luhya,Bukusu that’s.
Young boys who are to undergo the ‘rite of passage’ are stripped naked , their whole bodies smeared with some special ceremonial soil and then wrapped in a leso and then in the biting cold of the morning, they are taken to face the cut.
A red hot knife was used previously to cut the foreskin for everybody but nowadays they use sterilized hospital scalpels , one for each or a knife if it has to be used. After that the circumcised have to stay in the forest until they fully heal.


Vibrant Burials Ceremonies
Some burials are sort of celebratory. When somebody dies, say somebody prominent in Luo Nyanza , bulls are slaughtered, mourners are hired, people dance like they are under a demon seizure and they eat like they are not going to see the sunlight again. At night too, they organize for a special funeral dance or vigil dance called “Disco Matanga” where those keeping vigil dance the whole night, drink, eat and do all sorts of stuff just like in a disco.

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Summoning Spirits To Solve Family Issues

 In Kisii, a family had an issue about the splitting of family land equally among three sons after their father died without doing that. After failed intervention by the law and religion, and the brothers were almost killing each other, elders sat down and summoned the dead father to intervene, then lightning struck on a clear sunny day and ploughed through the large piece of land in an orderly way…and the case was solved.

Cleansing Of The Bewitched
Once somebody has been bewitched, elders usually gather, demand for somethings like ‘waganga’, Some white goat,a red hen and some funny things according to the culture. They then do exorcism and incantations, then eat the goat and hens they asked one to come with. After that they spit on the bewitched procedurally and pronounce him/her cleansed, weird huh?

.Dangerous Rites of Passage
Among the Maasai, the  title Moran doesn’t just come easily. The struggle for one to earn respect among his peers by being called a Moran requires one to go hunting for a lion with a mere spear. One can get killed in the process or kill it, it is a survival for the fittest duel.

.Weird Beverages
This is significant among the Samburu and the Maasai until now. They drink fresh blood oozing from a live animal  and they go further to mix it with some unboiled fresh milk to make it kinda a cocktail.


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