In Photos: Top 10 Things We’ve All Been Doing Wrong Our Entire Life. #4&8 Will Shock You!

There are things we do every day without realizing that we have stuck to a particular pattern, and less surprising is the fact that others carry out these activities in the same way. So what if we told you that there are some seemingly normal things you’ve been doing wrong all your life?

Check out the 10 things you’ve been doing wrong all your life below.

1. Soda can

You know that annoying moment when your place a straw in your can of soda but it doesn’t stay put, well don’t blame Coca-cola cuz the opener is also supposed to act as a straw holder.

2. Cupcakes

Image result for eat cupcakes right way

Taking a bite of cupcake can be awkward in public. The battle to have the frosting and cake in your mouth without seeming like you have no etiquette or at worst – getting cupcake frosting smeared on your face. Apparently, lovers of cupcakes are meant to eat it like a sandwich. Makes more sense, doesn’t it ?

3. Earphones

Image result for ear phones the right way wear

The reason your earphones don’t seem to fit is either you’ve got the wrong size or you are wearing it the wrong way.

4. Apples

Image result for eating apples right way

Apples are meant to be eaten from top to bottom and not from the side. Whoever invented this rule must have had a wide mouth.

5. Mangoes

mangoes cutting the right way


Africans who eat mangoes like the picture on the left are in for a rude shock, apparently, mangoes are meant to be diced before being peeled. Although you get the most out of a mango with the first option, the second option is obviously less messy.

6. Applying Moisturizer

Do not rub, just tap it and allow your skin to absorb it.

7. Washing blenders

In an African house, nothing is more tasking than washing blenders – except pots. However, there’s a trick to washing them especially after blending hot peppers. Just fill it halfway with water, add in some dish washing soap and blend. After doing this, rinse, and voila! a clean blender.

8. Using the Loo

correct way to use the toilet

We are not supposed to sit on the toilet seat. Seemingly we are meant to bend at a 35-degree angle in order to do our dirty business.

9. Packing

Image result for packing roll clothes

Folding your clothes in squares will take up more space. Tip: roll them instead.

10. Pot as a spoon holder

Image result for spoon pot right way

Rather than messing up the cover of a pot or even a clean plate just make use of the hole in the handle of your pot.


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