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These Are Africa’s Top 10 Most Popular And Expensive Stadiums

Africa is not quite marketed to the outside world as a sporty continent but time has seen tremendous growth in sports. The call to promote talent and use them to better lives has seen Africa produce some of the very top sportsmen in the world together with an absolute class in terms of stadiums. The continent may not be all wealthy but looking at the most expensive stadiums in Africa, the growth is real.

So many investors have in return invested huge amounts of money in sports, building stadiums, attracting coaches and making it easier for Africans to prosper in their talents.

Most Popular and Expensive Stadiums In Africa

Stadium Country
Cape Town Stadium South Africa
Moses Mabhida Stadium South Africa
Fnb Stadium South Africa
National Stadium Abuja Nigeria
Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa
Estadio 11 De Novembro Angola
Peter Mokaba Stadium South Africa
Mbombela Stadium South Africa
Stade Olympique De Rades Tunisia
Estadio Nacional De Ombaka Angola

It is even harder to figure out Africans most Popular Stadiums keeping in mind the money invested in sports today.

With so many expensive stadiums In Africa today, it may sound a little naive to rate the top ten most African expensive stadiums but hey, we’ve got to try and rate them all and produce a list that will bring less controversy to the Africans and the world.

1.Cape Town Stadium -South Africa ($600 million)

Popular and most expensive African Stadiums

Among the most African expensive stadiums, Cape Town formerly known as the green point stadium for it was built where green point stadium stood, stands at the summit of them all.

It cost a breathtaking $600 million under construction and holds an impressively reduced capacity of 55,000 seats. Constructed in the preparation of 2010 FIFA world cup, It is located at Cape Town city.

Facilities at the Cape Town stadium include 250 VIP suites, basement parking for 1 200 cars, a medical center, police station, and four television studios. No less than 16 lifts ensure that fans have easy access to all 15 floors of the sports arena.

2.Moses Mabhida Stadium -South Africa ($450 million)

Moses Mabhida stadium is located at Durban in South Africa, characterized by its arch.  Most football fans will think of Wembley stadium in England at the first sight of this stadium.

The modern built stadium was constructed for the famous hosting of the 2010 FIFA world cup held in South Africa. In addition, it is a perfect venue for other sports matches, tournaments, corporate events, concerts, and performances. It is a truly a multi-purpose stadium.

Named after Moses Mabhida who was the secretary-general of the South African communist party, the stadium has a sitting capacity of 54,000.

Its cost of construction amounted to $450 million and it stands as the second most expensive stadiums In Africa.

3.Fnb Stadium -South Africa ($440 million)

Most popular African Stadiums

Located in Soweto, the stunning soccer stadium was once known as the soccer city. Soccer City goes by various other names, the best known of which are the FNB Stadium and The Calabash (after its iconic shape).

The stadium has a capacity of 94,736 which is not only the biggest in Africa but one of the biggest stadiums in the world.

Soccer City, or FNB Stadium, is the home ground of the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club and the national football team of South Africa.


Soccer city is not only one of the most expensive stadiums In Africa but also among the very top Africans most Popular Stadiums.

4.National Stadium, Abuja -Nigeria ($360 million)

National stadium is the 4th most expensive stadium In Africa and first to get on the list outside South Africa.

It is the largest stadium in Nigeria located at its capital Abuja. It is also the Nigeria’s National team stadium and a host of not only football but also multi-sports events.

It cost $360 million to construct and it’s the largest stadium in Nigeria.

5.Nelson Mandela Bay -South Africa ($270 million)

A 4th South African stadium among the top five Africans most Popular Stadiums. South Africa dominance in this sector can be explained by her opportunity to host FIFA world cup 2010 but also her development is second to none in Africa

Nelson Mandela Bay named after the world icon and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela was also constructed for the preparations to host 2010 Fifa world cup. It cost an estimated $270 million.

6.Estadio 11 De Novembro -Angola ($227 million)

Estadio 11 De Novembro was named to honor Angola’s independence day.It has a sitting capacity of 50,000 and is big enough not only to host football matches but other sports as well. A modern multi-purpose stadium constructed back in 2010 and famously hosted 2010 African cup of nations the same year.

It was constructed by Shanghai Urban cooperation Group and cost the country the sums in the region of $227 million.

It is the 6th Africans most Popular Stadium today.

7.Peter Mokaba Stadium -South Africa ($150 million)

South African popular and expensive stadiums

Located at Polokwane, South Africa, Peter Mokaba Stadium is another pitch constructed for 2010 FIFA world cup. It has a capacity of over 41,000 seats and is the home stadium for Black Leopards FC.

The stadium’s design was inspired by the baobab tree, which is often said to look like it is upside down, with its roots emerging out of the ground and reaching for the sky. The stadium’s steel structure gathers together at each corner of the stadium and is supported by structures that resemble massive tree trunks.

It cost $150 million to construct.

8.Mbombela Stadium -South Africa ($140 million)

Mbombela stadium like many other top stadiums in South Africa was constructed for hosting of 2010 FIFA world cup. It boasts a sitting capacity of 40,929 and with a cost of $140 million incurred in construction.

It also holds the record being the smallest stadium to host a world cup match.

Mbombela is a modern built stadium not only for football but also hosting other sports such as cricket and rugby. It was constructed under taxpayers’ money.

9. Stade Olympique De Rades -Tunisia ($110 million)

This is one of the most exciting multi-purpose stadia in Africa. Built in 2001 for hosting of Mediterranean games, it was later developed in 2005 to an amazing capacity of 60,000 seats.

It hosts both athletics and football. Stade Olympique De Rades meets all international standards and may go down as the best cheapest stadium in the world.

Located at Tunis in Tunisia, Stade Olympique remains a tourism attraction and its construction cost ($110 million) remains a riddle.

10.Estadio Nacional De Ombaka -Angola ($100 million)

Estadio Nacional De Ombaka is another multi-event stadia. It was built in 2010 and serves mostly in football. It hosted some events in 2010 during African cup of Nation.

The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 seats and incurred a construction cost of $100 million.

Estadio Nacional De Ombaka takes the 10th spot on our list of Most African Expensive stadiums.

One of South Africans Best stadiums







Conclusively, Africa may not be a home for sport but recent times has seen a tremendous growth. These newly built stadia’s are not the end of the incoming events but the path for many to follow with so much potential to exploit in the continent.

Most of these stadiums are not only expensive, Modern and classic only in Africa but also takes a special mention across the world.

We finally recognize the fact that we may not have added the best of the Images but certainly, we will update them once we manage to get our own and free better ones in near future.


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