These Are 3 Cogent Reasons That Pushed North Korea To Negotiate

The world has discovered this facet that was still unknown to Kim Jong Un since the beginning of 2018. In his New Year message, Kim Jong Un reached out to the South, proposing to send a delegation of athletes to next winter Olympics. South Korea, for its part, agreed to hold talks that began on Tuesday.

1 – North Korea comes out stronger from the year 2017

”  North Korea believes it has achieved its goal of making an intercontinental nuclear missile capable of reaching US territory ,” writes US researcher Ben Forney, a researcher in Seoul. In his New Year’s speech, the North Korean leader said that 2017 marked ”  the accomplishment of the great historic cause of perfecting the nuclear weapon “.

Obviously, Kim Jong-Un is in a strong position. He can declare himself open to negotiations knowing that he has strengths. The upcoming Olympic Games in South Korea offered him a unique opportunity to do so. ”  The North will use these discussions to reinforce the idea that it is a nuclear state in its own right, ” added Ben Forney.


2 – Kim Jong-Un gives himself the beautiful role

After the tensions and insults with Donald Trump for most of last year, Kim Jong-Un takes a 180-degree turn. ”  The Korean regime is suddenly putting itself in a rational stance, putting the US president and his unwanted tweets in the camp of incoherence, ” commented historian Juliette Morillot for the Swiss daily  24 hours.

An opening gesture by Kim Jong-Un that goes beyond the Korean frame with the upcoming Olympic Games deadline. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, congratulated the initiative of the two Koreas, which ”  marks a great step forward towards the Olympic spirit “.

3 – Pyongyang seeks to divide his enemies

In reaching out to South Korea, Pyongyang bypasses all the international powers involved in this conflict, starting with the United States, which has long repeated many times, that all discussions were futile.

”  It is the desire to divide the South Korean governments, which wants inter-Korean talks, and the US, which wants the denuclearization of the North.” “At one point, South Korea will have to choose between inter-Korean relations and participate in US efforts to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear programs ,” said Kim Hyun-Wook, a professor at the Korea Diplomatic Academy.


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