These African Countries Have Been Revealed As Major Human Organ Harvesting Markets

 Human organ harvesting is one of the most profitable black market operations around the world. Across the globe, it is coordinated by an organized crime syndicates who operates behind the scene.

For Africa, it is a  similar operational module and most of the time many of the victims are either tricked into giving up their estimated over

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Demand and supply of human organ in the world.Demand and supply of human organ in the world.


Here are five major human organ black markets in Africa.

1.    Egypt

Egypt has one of the largest and most organized organ markets in Africa. This is as a result of high rate of medical tourists to the North African country, and more so the recent exodus of Eritreans attempting to make it to Europe through the country.

In this case, many of these migrants that could not pay for the cost of transmitting them across the sea are sold as slaves to organ harvesting syndicate in Egypt. These syndicates later kill them and harvest their organs. According to a telegraph to UK report in 2016, a person is sold for about $23,000.

About 500 unlicensed kidney transplants were reported each year and they were noted to be supplied from the local market. Where there’s poverty there are organ brokers. And what makes Egypt unique is that there is no law at present that punish organ harvesters.

2.    Libya

Libya is considered the biggest haven for organ traffickers in Africa. This is because  the country is a major route for illegal migrant trying to connect Europe.

However, local residents are safe from this activity as Nationals of Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Somalia and other West African countries are their major targets.

3.    South Africa

South Africa is one of the leading destinations of many Europeans hoping to get an illegal organ transplant in Africa. The country is also famous for organ trafficking-related murder and has the largest organ trafficking ring that has been caught in Africa.

Between 2011 and 2012, more than 100 illegal kidney transplants were performed at St. Augustine Hospital in Durban, South Africa. Most of the recipients are from Isreal, Brazil and Eastern Europe countries.

The booming organ transplanting business in South Africa also rubbed-off on Mozambique which is the main supplier of organs to hospitals and medical syndicates engaging in this activity.

4.    Mozambique

Mozambique is believed to have one of the most active organ markets in Southern Africa. This is mainly due to huge organ translating market in South Africa.

In the country, the most common organ for sale is the human kidney, which is sometimes used for witchcraft purpose in the country.

An incidence in Southern Mozambique in January 2017 confirmed existence of this trade in the country and the destination was stated as South Africa.

5.    Nigeria and Lake Chad region

In the wake of the Boko Haram crisis in the Northeast Nigeria and along the Lake Chad basin, organ trafficking is also stated to be a booming trade in the region.

The high number of dead bodies found without some organs have raised the possibility of the trade moving to the Western part of the region from its main strongholds in the north of Africa.

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