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These 6 African Football Stars Are Known To Be Investing Hugely In The Continent

Several world-famous African footballers have not hesitated to contribute to the building by contributing to the development of the continent. Many have “pierced” by staying connected to the continent and looking for ways to make it progress. The list of African football stars investing in the continent is long. Nevertheless, we have made the choice to present you a list of some world-famous players who have participated in works or projects of great scale.

From striker Didier Dorgba to the Georges Weah Ballon d’Or, many of them donate their time and money to improve the most deficit sectors of the continent. Some of these players have not only shined on a lawn around a ball, they also have for the most part invested to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged. In particular by contributing to the construction of hospitals, schools or training centers. Well aware that the Africa of tomorrow will need youth to develop, they do not hesitate to fund different educational programs.

1-The indomitable Samuel Eto’o Son

Can not talk about investing footballers in Africa without mentioning Samuel Eto’o Son. He is certainly among the three known footballers who invest the most in Africa. For several years, the footballer has been involved in various projects to help his country Cameroon . His name is found in several fields, telecom, real estate, sports, health, training, education, etc.

In 2015, for example, he bought, renovated and sold free of charge the premises of the Cameroon Embassy in Washington. The “old man”, as some Africans call him, was elected UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to Cameroon, where he is very involved in the social, but especially in the improvement of the living conditions of the Cameroonian youth.

Since 2006, he runs a foundation whose mission is to protect children and youth by providing support. He uses sport as an integrative tool for mentally handicapped children. To pay tribute to his talent and investment in the continent, a young Cameroonian embarked on a project, that of the launch of a sports accessories brand called “e9” in tribute to the star.

2-Didier Drogba the businessman

The former captain of the Ivorian national team has a foundation in his name to help the poor. This foundation focuses on the areas of health and education. In 2015, Didier Drogba builds a large hospital for the needy. As an influential footballer, he has often tried to advocate for a united Africa that can work and grow. Four years ago, Drogba acquired a 5% stake in the Ity gold mine, an investment that allows it to continue to be in the top 10 richest African players on the continent.

In 2016, the star of Ivorian football has been interested in the issue of lighting in some isolated areas. To enable destitute young people to have access to electricity, Didier Drogba has invested in an innovative project. Indeed, it has provided disadvantaged youth a balloon capable of charging electricity.

This innovation allows to combine sport and pleasure. The balloon is electrically charged through kinetic motion. A battery installed inside the balloon stores the electrical energy generated by the movements of the ball. Thus, it recharges each time we play with. This battery then powers the bulb connected to the balloon. Drogba mainly helps the most disadvantaged children of his country and the sub-region. It is at the heart of the launch of several programs related to education.

3-The hawk Emmanuel Adebayor

In 2015, the 33-year old Togolese captain of the hawks was interested in the evolution of ICT and telecom in his country. After several interviews with the Ministry of Posts and the Digital Economy, he embarked on a very interesting project. His desire was that a maximum of areas receive better internet coverage. He wanted to contribute to the project in order to save the telecom sector that was going bankrupt at this time.


In 2016, Istanbul striker Basaksehir initiates a sports project for Togolese youth. He has invested in a playground, a complex able to host young people with the hope of becoming the next stars. This complex also has a medical center. He has also invested in real estate.

Its pan-African foundation “SEA” is focused on the development of Togo through youth. It is also negotiating partnerships with Westerners to advance agriculture, tourism and entrepreneurship. Although he was criticized by the Togolese, because he supported the current President of the Republic during the last election, he nevertheless continues to make a contribution to improving the living conditions of the population.

4-The brothers Kolo and Yaya Toure

For several years, Kolo and Yaya Toure have chosen to invest mainly in agriculture and education. Yaya Touré continually motivates those who are committed to fighting hunger and poverty to “keep their promises”. For him, supporting youth is essential because it represents the future and will be able to participate in the global mobilization for the eradication of poverty and hunger.

He believes that agriculture remains the best area to meet the needs of Africans. Although he was criticized last May by some Ivorians for his donation after the attack in Manchester, the Ivorian international intends to participate in the development of his country. His brother, in addition to participating in the education of young Ivorians, had invested in partnership with Silk Invest (a private equity investor) in a fund to help and encourage African footballers in the West or elsewhere to invest in the continent. They both think that African footballers have a big role to play in the development of Africa.

5-The discreet Nkwanko Kanu

Kanu Heart Foundation is his NGO. He set it up to help Nigerian children with cardiovascular disease. By creating this organization, Kanu wanted to make vital surgeries accessible inside and outside the country. The foundation has already saved more than 500 Nigerian children who have had surgery outside the country. Kanu contributes in the equipment and construction of modern cardiology center in Nigeria.

Sensing the need to fill the heart surgery gap in his country, he wanted to provide high quality care for heart disease, prevention services through advertising, care and psychological support to patients, but also to families. Kanu is well aware of this disease, which almost ended his football career. It was to avoid other Africans to find himself in his situation that he decided to devote himself to his foundation.


6-George Weah

He began by engaging in humanitarian work as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, then launched his NGO aimed at resocializing through football. It is in politics that George Weah wished to prove himself, he had declared to one of his collaborators “my people need me, I must put myself at their disposal”. Born in a slum in a family more than poor, he believes know the real difficulties of his country. He invested in restoration and real estate before turning to politics.

From Golden Ball to Liberia’s presidency, this is what the former footballer turned to become a politician. The first and only African gold ball is currently in the race to become the future president of Liberia. He wants to transform his country with various promising projects.According to him, there is an infrastructure deficit, the inhabitants do not all have access to hospitals, several problems for this country yet rich. He thinks he is the change he needs in his country.

This list of footballers who invest in Africa is not exhaustive. For example, we can mention the case of Ghanaian Michael Essien, who has a foundation to support disadvantaged communities in his country through the installation of medical infrastructure. The Moroccan Abdeslam Ouaddou who fights against racism and corruption. Or the Ghanaian John Paintsil with his foundation that instills values ​​of respect to youth and builds clinics. We also have the case of another Ghanaian, Stephen Appiah with his brand whose profits are donated to the underprivileged children. Samuel Inkoom takes care of the orphans.



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