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These 5 Black Celebrities Are Cashing In On The Marijuana Industry

Cannabis is as yet a controversial medication despite the fact that numerous claim that it has helped them adapt to different illnesses and circumstances. For a long time now, such individuals have been pushing for its legalization. Furthermore, as an ever increasing number of states, especially in America, pass laws permitting the offer of weed in some shape, business visionaries, including big names, are running into the business to make some money. The most recent is ex-NBA star, Lamar Odom, who has announced he is beginning another line of items called Rich Soil Orangics.


Here are others who are already making it big in the marijuana business:

Snoop Dogg

The rapper owns Leafs by Snoop, a premier cannabis brand available in retail stores and medical dispensaries in Colorado. When it was launched in 2015, Snoop became the first celebrity to push off a personally-branded marijuana product. The rapper’s line of marijuana products includes fruit chews, peanut butter gems, gummies and chocolate bars.

Whoopi Goldberg

The 62-year-old actress teamed up with the founder of Om Edibles Maya Elisabeth to create Whoopi and Maya, a medical marijuana company that cares for women suffering from severe menstrual cramps or aches. Their products include a balm, bath soak, sipping chocolate and a tincture. These products at the time of the launch were only available to registered patients in California with a medical marijuana card.

Stephen Marley — Miami New Times


Stephen Marley

The son of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley and the other family members launched Marley Natural, an official Bob Marley cannabis brand in 2016 in Oregon. This was part of efforts to show respect for Bob Marley’s legacy and belief in the positive potential of the herb to heal and inspire people. The product line includes a cannabis flower, body care products infused with the moisturizing power of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, lifestyle accessories, pre-rolls and oils, among others. Marley Natural cannabis is available in dispensaries across northern and southern California.

Cliff Robinson

The former NBA player played for Blazers for eight seasons, starting in 1989. He was suspended three times for using marijuana during his NBA career. When he left the NBA in 2007, he became an advocate for marijuana legalization and even said in an interview that marijuana helped him to calm down when he was in the NBA. In June last year, he opened a weed store in Oregon called Uncle Spliffy, a sports cannabis label specifically made for athletes.

Wiz Khalifa

The marijuana advocate in 2016 partnered with RiverRock Cannabis based in Colorado to create his own line of marijuana products including concentrates and even a personalized strain of marijuana called Khalifa Kush. It has since made its way to dispensaries across the United States. The rapper also has a media company dedicated to marijuana projects as well as a mobile app on 4/20 called Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.


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