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These 4 Amazing South African Brothers Build Their Own Cars From the Scratch.

Dumisani (30), Nelson (25), Khulekani (21) and Sandiso Mokoena (18) are four brothers on a mission to fight against poverty.

The four young men from Ekurhuleni in South Africa are all unemployed but miraculously managed to build their own cars.

The light vehicle is ideal for short trips through the township. The Daily Sun reports that the older brother, Dumisani, was fed up with their current situation and offered the idea to others. The 3 older boys have completed their studies and the smaller Sandiso is currently being prepared.

However, the lack of financial means meant that none of them could continue their studies. Sandiso focused on balance and dimensions, Khulekani was responsible for design, while Nelson was in charge of the interior.

South Africa: 4 brothers build their own cars despite poverty

According to reports, most of the welds were made by Dumisani.

Dumisani said, “I gave them the idea of ​​building a car early last year and it pleased them. It took us a year to build it with corrugated iron and the engine of a four-wheeled motorcycle. “

The goal now is to sell the car and use the funds to finance Nelson’s graduate studies. They hope then to continue in the same way until they have all the necessary funds to continue their studies.


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