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These 12 Things African Women Should Avoid Doing For Their Men, In The Name of Love!

In the name of love, some girls do not hesitate to commit follies.

Even before marriage, nothing is a mystery to man. Yet, there are things girls should avoid at all costs, especially in uncertain tomorrow.

We offer you a list of tips that girls should stop!

1- Living in the same house with a man who did not endow you or marry you!

2 – To please her man, some girls go too far. Spending time making gifts to the mother-in-law, styling the beautiful sisters and going through the mourning of the guy’s family …. All this to be accepted by the beautiful family. But be aware that this is not the right method.

3- Wear the engagement ring of a man who does not even know where your parents live.

Doing so would mean losing time.

4 – Put your buddy’s photo on your Facebook or Wattshap profile. That could turn against you, because you are probably blocking potential and serious husbands.

5 – It would also be a gross mistake not to respond to the inbox of the guys, pretending that you are taken. You are not in the bonds of marriage. Think !!!

6 – Some girls are good for their guys. They spend their time making them eat, wash clothes, clean and run.


If you have the certainty that he will marry you, you do not need this “cinema”.

7- For the happiness of their partner, some girls even go so far as to disobey their parents. Which is a serious mistake.

8- Stay intact until the wedding day! A rare thing in today’s society. For a simple promise, some see no harm in giving themselves to their guy. And if he changes his mind, you will end up in a vacuum. Absolutely avoid!

9- Make love with your boyfriend while filming! It has become a common practice in today’s society.

But having in mind that his torrid images will someday destroy you. It only takes a break to realize the stupidity.

10 – There are relationships where the girl is sometimes beaten. But out of love, they never try to leave. In the hope of seeing their man change, they suffer in silence.

11- A man cheats you regularly and you say that this is normal because there is no faithful man.

12- In their tricks to retain the man of their life, some believe that getting pregnant would be the solution. But it would be necessary to think about the baby, on whom will fall your problems of couple.


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