Theresa May Wants to Hit Syria Very Quickly to Avoid Confronting Parliament

To overcome the mistrust of MPs, who have not forgotten the episode of the war in Iraq, Theresa May may decide to hit Syria with the approval of the only government. Submarines have positioned themselves and are ready to take action.

British Prime Minister Theresa May convened an emergency meeting of her government on April 12 to discuss the United Kingdom’s response to the alleged Duma chemical attack in eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, Syria.

According to the Telegraph , Theresa May would seek government approval to join France and the United States in a joint offensive without having to consult Parliament. Citing sources in the Ministry of Defense, the daily said that military action could occur by the weekend, even in “a few hours”, if Theresa May was approved by the government. The daily adds that British submarines have already positioned themselves within firing range of Syrian territory and that they are ready to strike.


Such a rush would allow him to avoid confronting parliamentarians, many of whom believe that it would be a mistake to bomb Bashar al-Assad’s Syria without further evidence of his government’s guilt. If the Prime Minister is not legally obliged to seek the agreement of the deputies, pressure is important across the Channel for the latter to allow the government to strike. The episode of the Iraq war, in which Tony Blair had blindly followed George Bush who wrongly ensured that the country had weapons of mass destruction, is still an open plague in the United Kingdom.

On April 11, the Times  reported that Theresa May had told Donald Trump that she would not risk hitting Syria until there was more convincing evidence of Damascus’ guilt. A position that the Prime Minister obviously has trouble holding.


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