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There Was No Hunting of African Migrants in Chemnitz According to the Head of German Intelligence

Contrary to what many media and politicians said, the German intelligence chief says that the “collective hunts” in Chemnitz are “false information” intended to “divert the attention of public opinion”.

The President of the German Interior Intelligence, Hans-Georg Maassen, said on 7 September in an interview with the daily Bild that there had been no “collective hunts” against foreigners during the excesses caused by the extreme right  in margin of a demonstration late August in Chemnitz, thus contradicting Angela Merkel herself. 

He also assured that there was “no evidence that video circulating on the internet” showing assaults against people of foreign physical appearance “be genuine”. “There is good reason to believe that this is false intentional information to possibly distract public opinion from the murder in Chemnitz,” he said. A 35-year-old man was stabbed and two refugees, an Iraqi and a Syrian, detained on remand.

“I share the doubts about the reports in the media on collective hunts of the far right in Chemnitz,” said the president of the Office of Protection of the Constitution. “We have no reliable information to the Office of Protection of the Constitution that such collective hunts have taken place,” he added.


Good reason to believe that this is intentional misinformation to distract public opinion from the murder in Chemnitz

Chancellor Angela Merkel vehemently denounced “these collective hunts”, “hatred in the street” which had “nothing to do in a state of law”. Almost all of the German media had also reported migrant hunts – a phenomenon that had stirred a stir in public opinion and politics.

The anti-immigration party AfD, as well as some right-wing personalities, had taken the opposite of the version of events relayed by the media. The Christian Democrat President (CDU, the party of Angela Merkel) of the Saxony region, where Chemnitz is located, Michael Kretschmer, had argued that there was no “angry mob, collective hunting , pogroms “in Chemnitz. 

The murder of Daniel H. on the night of August 26 sparked violence in the former East German city – scuffles that sparked a huge shock in Germany, which has been in turmoil since the influx of more than a million refugees since 2015.

The police had reported several assaulted people including at least one Syrian, Bulgarian and Afghan and a video posted on Twitter, taken by German television in particular, showed violence in the street against people with foreign appearance. One of the journalists who posted this video confirmed to Bild that he had made it that day in Chemnitz.  


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