There was a time when President Robert Mugabe was the darling of the West, way above Nelson Mandela


There was a time when President Robert Mugabewas the darling of the west, way above Mandela. Europe and America loved him because he fought for independence of his country and said that everyone was welcome to stay including the colonizers.

Meanwhile Mandela was considered by the west, Europe and America, as a terrorists that deserved death sentence. The fate of both leaders switched when Mugabe started demanding full independence both economically and in land ownership.

While Mandela only asked for social freedom and allowed the colonial masters to retain the lands and economic dominance. Mugabe became the instant devil and Mandela became the instant God like personality. But we believe Africans should learn for themselves who is a hero without what cnn or bbc says


Zimbabweans who are suffering, are suffering because of the western sanctions that has halted all trade abilities of Zim as a country. Same western sanction which some brainwashed, idiotic african leaders have joined in to help punish zimbabwe. Remember, all sanctions are meant to make the country ungovernable and encourage the citizens to rise up against their leaders. The same system they are using to make Mugabe look bad are the same tactics they used on Ghanaians to kick out Kwame Nkurumah and it worked. Now Ghanaians are regretting wishing they did not humiliate their leader who was the first pan African leader. They can build statues for Nkurumah but facts doesn’t change that they bought into western propaganda and kicked out one of the greatest leaders ever to be born on this land.

If Mugabe was so bad, how come he put in a system that has made his people the most Literate in Africa? a Bad leader/dictators do not want educated population who would rise against them, dictators love docile, uneducated masses whom they can control. I know opening a narrow mind is painful, but keep trying. I am not here to judge you, do your best if you know you are intending to breed especially as African. For the Europeans who are pissed of at Mugabe, we know what you are fighting for….good luck.

HISTORY is already judging us cruelly for disposing our great leaders, from Nkurumah, Lumumba, Sankara, Gadaffi, Biko etc…don’t be bamboozled again this time abeg.

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  1. I think the West wants the best for Zimbabwe, but it is difficult to know the right thing to do. Mugabe has helped many people but also hurt many people. You never know how your aid is going to be used. You never know if the people you are doing business with are the good guys or the bad guys. It’s nice that literacy is so high, but it is also unfortunate that life expectancy is so low and falling.

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