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There’s No Shortcut To Maturity, ‘Africa Should Be Recolonized,’ Says Donald Trump

American business mogul Donald Trump has said that Africa needs to be recolonized. This time around he has directed his anger to African leaders who according to Trump, have failed to exercise leadership and are keeping their people in worse conditions.

Speaking yesterday in Nebraska, Trump said that Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land yet they claim they are independent.

Trump was responding to a question by a South African journalist on whether he thinks African leaders were right to seek mass withdrawal from the Hague based International Criminal Court.

“It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery. Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favour so that they can be live presidents. They are all greedy and do not care about the common people” Said Trump.


“When I saw them gang up against ICC yet they can’t even find an amicable solution for the ongoing quandary in Burundi, I thought to myself these people lack discipline and humane heart. They can’t lead by example. The only thing they are interested in is accumulating wealth from poor tax payers. Before they think of exiting from ICC, they should first restore peace in Burundi and other war-tone countries rather than gathering like hyenas with the aim of finishing the poor people” Added Trump.


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  1. The tramp only spoke this way because the less knowledgeable South African journalist did not ask the correct questoon; “why is the US not signatory to the ICC while it wants African coumtries to remain signatories?”

    • the question here is not about the US rather derogatory african leaders that are very inactive during the course of exercising power over the years when they stay in office;as far as am concern am not a fan of that mogul but he got it right when he said their only reason to wanna pull out is cos they have sinister plot and they are findind an outlet so as to deal unjustly with their citizens.

      • He is right,in Africa only rich people have houses,one person ow more then 20houseses while we live in shakes you can put in someone’s yied because to ow a land it is a big problem. I am very shape to think business ,but even I want to reopen my Barber shop,where I can put it? Highy renting prices always kill my sole business…imotionaly

  2. The tramp only spoke this way because the less knowledgeable South African journalist did not ask the correct question; “why is the US not signatory to the ICC while it wants African coumtries to remain signatories?”

  3. I am agreeing more with Trump! As Africans, we have not only let down other peoples but more so the black African. Indeed most leadership lacks discipline and a human heart. The examples are so numerous and abound in supporting his assertions. Very disheartening to say the least!!! A lot of people out there look at Trump as a crude and heartless character. NO! This is what you get when hypocrisy meets straight shooting renegade head on. Some media once commented,……”Does this guy say things that others can say ONLY when they are drunk?”…..POINT!! He is the best thing to have come out of America and happened to the world. Maybe we need to be recolonised. Comparing the colonialist with some of our African leaders, you will agree with him that there is no short cut to maturity. Grow up Africa!!!!

  4. I totally agree with him and even want to add that African leaders see their country men and women as lesser humans.

  5. idiotic USA is the biggest ISIS in this world without them the world will be better,all thoes ISIS fighters calling them selves veterans shit.Trump make America great again not the world.u KKK

  6. We can’t correct a wrong by accepting a wrong. Yes, African leaders need to reform and democratise as well as uncorrupt. This cannot be achieved by accepting the weird direction of Donald Trump or the tramp that you, as an African, must be put under colonisation and be made inferior to the white skin. I don’t see how it works that your being colonised will improve you. We must learn to be progressive. We have a war against our African leaders who are corrupt and cruel but it can’t be won by being colonised but by our own reasoned resistance which is succeeding in some cases. When Donald Trump speaks, you can see America is in trouble. The courts are dealing with his fraudulently taking millions of dollars from unsuspecting students for a non existent university. Africa, when someone abuses you in the name of bettering you like the tramp is doing, learn to say no. We are known for our accepting as mana whatever the white man says. Let’s say no. Let’s concentrate on our cause but not accept any further abuse. No to Trump the tramp.

  7. Trump might be crude,but he made a point wit this can they pull out?we are dying here already now that they are still in ICC,what will happen when they pull out and no one checkmates them?mmmmhhhh! Anarchy!!

  8. Donald Trump is saying the true about African leaders, they are just for themselves not the poor people. I give my support for recolonization of africa that would help to put Africa in path with others countries around term of natural resource africa is more than others continents but in areas of development we the least and poorest continent on planet earth.

    • No Mr Kamara, I totally disagreed with you and your so called Thrump assesment. Now let’s take a poll of 54 head of states in Africa and critically analizing how many of them how changed the constitution over time to favour their stay in power indefinately. U will come to the realization that not more than 5 African leaders have done that over the last ten years. And more besides, those have done that did with support and consulltation with their influential Western powers including the very country that Thrump is wanting to rule as a racist, bigot and or another Hilter in the making.

  9. So the westerners that are helping these brutal African leaders to get and stay in power are the same ones you want to control and take over your lives? I really don’t understand how this works, someone please explain how this will be better!

  10. F the first time I agree with him on this,but he shou also know that the western nations are responsible for the “WARS” in Africa

  11. Truth is always bitter to swallow. Trump is saying the obvious. With the resources at our disposal we ought to have gone far beyond where we are today if not because of the greed of the opportuned few in government and public service who have over the years plundered our Commonwealth. With what is happening all over the content, I am in support of what Trump said.

  12. This IDIOT called Tump, was made out of what? I think our we need to involve our brothers from Mindle East to sort him out. Is true that African leaders are are enslaved their people, but recolonise Africa is not and will never be a solution. Buit first he must tell African people why American are not signatories at the ICC.

  13. Don’t be hypocrite and agitate. You know what kind of recolonisation he is talking about. He is fully right. But we should do it ourself.

  14. I certainly concord with Tramp,espcially as regards my own country Liberia. The country has compromise corruption and bad governance.

  15. Trump is definitely mad! My worry is that he represents the views of a lot of americas that’s why he is still a front runner. Wake up Africans, the only reason we are still poor is because the west wants us to remain poor. There is no fair trade established between Africa and the west. Look at aid given to african countries, it will never be spent in schools, roads or hospitals, No no, rather it will be spent in human rights and stupid stuff where they will sent experts to take the money back.
    Look at Power Africa, the Obama initiative. While it is strongly publicised, you would think it adds any Megawatt to the continent, rather thier job is to only send white advisors to africa to recollection 100% of the pledged money back to thier contries?
    All issues in Africa including wars, bad leaders and poverty are fuelled by the west. The only good thing i have ever heard the African leaders unite to do is pull out of the ICC, and the west is scared by the unity.
    if Hitler the second is voted in power, he will throw America deep in the pit further than where bush left them, Africa will be hit but not as much.

    • On the one hand you talk about aid to Africa and on the other your curse the people that give that aid, you can’t have it both ways, if our leaders spent as much time and money on the people of Africa, than they spend on feathering their own nests, then we would be talking about colonising the USA! Take Zuma and his family in South Africa, they stolen so much money from the treasury, his nephew can hardly stand up he is so fat, yet just because they convince the poor masses to vote for them, otherwise the evil white monster is going to get them, and the have a majority, he can laugh in peoples faces when they take him to task on his blatant thievery, he can’t even count, yet he has this greedy hands on the purse strings on one of the biggest economizes in Africa, and he is plundering left right and center! So keep blaming the evil white man in the west, while your leaders rape your resources, that’s exactly what they want you to do! God help Africa!

  16. Trump is wrong by saying “African are slaves living like slaves in their own countries”. All African were not slaves, why it might be true that because of oppression, and lack of humane heart Some African Countries have not been able to develop themselves; Africans remain African and there will come a time when the “Davids will meet their Goliath”. Trump is right about about African leaders been corrupt and exploiters. The reason why African leaders want to withdraw from the Hague is because old black people go to the Hague and white War Lords do not go there.

  17. The man is partly right, we should asked ourselves this questions why are we poor? Is because our Africa leader are ruling their own people as slave. They are above the law while their subjects is below the law. The big thieves never goes to jail while the small ones do, they made themselves rich, while everyone they ruled is poor.That is an other form of slavery.

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