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There is no Place Like Lake Malawi, Tucked Away In Senga Bay

There’s no place like Lake Malawi..

Recently my personal professional goals and work yanked me from a place that cannot be matched by any achievement in this life or the..maybe even  the next! Social media has become a means by which well-meaning friends’ share their fantastic weekends at the Lake, as a way of letting me know I am sorely missed. Sore is the operative!  Post cards were better back in the  day you could stick them on the fridge and expose yourself to the trauma once a while, it didn’t pop up on  your deadline sprawled desk or taunt you from your smart phone!

Lake Malawi is a beautiful effortless boast of God’s bounty. Lost in a strange land, belittled by complexes and sky scrapers I can only long for the waves that kiss and the sands that caress.   I am ashamed to own that the Lake experience is nothing short of sensuous but I am by no means a creature that swims against the current of nature.

lake malawi beauty

My favourite spot at the lake is not at the lovely manicured commercial parts where jet skiing and water sport are noisy and loud. My piece of heaven is tucked away in a little bungalow, a private beach at a little known place that is both quaint and  dreamy, romantic and real…untouched,  rugged, fresh and  like a piece of heaven brought on to express the  greater things to come.  A post card from heaven would attach a caption “coming to a paradise near you”!

lake malawi senga


The lodge in Senga Bay is humble in its beckoning but a complete fantasy in its welcome and totalitarian keeper element. It is love at first sight when you lie in the bed with smells of freshly caught Kapango on the grill, sizzling in garlic sauce and competing with Chambo goujons dancing in tabasco at one’s bedside. The mauve and azure blends of  ribbons in the  horizons taunt lovers into a  thoughts of  silent  dances , the chirping  crickets invite  humans to lose themselves in the orchestra  as the silver sands glisten in the evening sun. Silhouettes of fishermen launching into the deep for a night of waves and fish are intrusive on the  bungalow walls as Baobabs throw their arms in worship of their Creator. Its magical I tell you, it’s awesome,  its private, its luxurious, its set in a scene so natural, in a corner of the earth the nastiness of time and responsibility and work  cannot touch…it’s Africa!

Wherever you live in the  world  it’s a  weekend well spent when you  can kick your sandals off and soak your  feet in the warm freshwater lake, you  can giggle when the  basins in the  rocks provide a place for live fishes to dance between your toes and soothe  you  with  Mother Nature’s blend of unparalleled  pedicure… It’s  truly amazing   to  sit under a happy blue sky and listen to the comforting sounds of   the waves stroking the beach in gentle uneven rubs. The  distant sound of  village children laughing  and  echoes of singing women signal that all is well in the world, it is as it was meant to be here.  As I close my eyes and dream of   endless serendipity, a gourmet chef places a chilled glass of Rose in my hand and smiles – Welcome to paradise also known as Malawi. Takulandirani.


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