“The Worst Air Disaster Of All Time” Narrowly Avoided In San Francisco!!

After a Canadian Airbus nearly landed on a runway where four other airliners were already stationed, an investigation was initiated by the US Federal Aviation Authority. It is a veritable catastrophe that has been narrowly avoided.

The US federal aviation authority has just opened an investigation after an accident narrowly avoided on 8 July. This could have turned out to be, according to a United Airlines pilot, “the worst air disaster of all time.”

A plane from Toronto entered the airspace of San Francisco International Airport in accordance with the rules of procedures, but the pilot then confused the airstrip with a taxiway. The audio recordings of the control tower testify to the surprise of the air traffic controllers: “Air Canada has just passed over us … Where is it going? He’s on the lane! ”

"The worst air disaster of all time" narrowly avoided in San FranciscoSource: Reuters
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The plane in question, an Air Canada A320, had nevertheless received permission to land on runway 28R of the California airport, according to a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority interviewed by RT . “But the pilot has entered over traffic lane C, parallel to the runway: he was warned in extremis by an air traffic controller,” says the latter. The aircraft finally landed without incident on the designated runway.


The taxiway on which the Canadian Airbus nearly landed was occupied by four other aircraft, which it would almost certainly have crashed into. Ross Aimer, a United Airlines pilot, confirms that this incident could have been disastrous. “It’s simple: imagine an Airbus hitting four other airliners full of passengers and fuel ready to explode … You understand a bit the drama that it could have been,” he commented.

By way of comparison, the most deadly air disaster in history occurred in relatively similar circumstances on 27 March 1977 at the Los Rodeos airport in the Canary Islands – it involved only two aircraft. A KLM Boeing 747 crashed into a Beoing 747 from the Pan Americain on take-off, while the latter was driving on the runway. 583 people lost their lives in the collision.

US President Donald Trump recently announced plans to modernize air traffic control at airports across the country, mainly at international airports. He described the current system, based mainly on the use of radars and radios, as a “dilapidated, ruined, dreadfully outdated and outdated device”. One of the possible avenues that has already been announced: the privatization of air traffic control.


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