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The World Pays Tribute to Ex-UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize, Kofi Annan

Several personalities paid tribute to the former UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 who died Saturday at the age of 80.

The Ghanaian diplomat, the first black African to lead the UN, was “a force that guided the good,” said the current UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

“In many ways, Kofi Annan embodied the United Nations. He stepped out of the ranks to lead the organization into the new millennium with unparalleled dignity and determination, “added Guterres.

Nana Akufo-Addo, the president of Ghana, the homeland of the deceased, decreed a week of mourning from Monday, in tribute to Kofi Annan.

“He has made a significant contribution to our country’s standing, leadership and behavior around the world,” said the Ghanaian head of state.

French President Emmanuel Macron recalled “his calm and resolute look”. “France pays homage to him. We will never forget (…) the strength of its battles, “wrote Mr. Macron on the social network Twitter.

His Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, says he “sincerely admired the wisdom and courage” of the former UN secretary-general.

“I sincerely admired his wisdom and courage, his ability to make thoughtful decisions, even in the most complex and critical situations. His memory will remain forever in the hearts of Russians, “Putin writes in a message of condolence addressed to the current UN Secretary-General.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa lamented a “great loss”. “He was an outstanding diplomat and a leader for many Africans. He was an extraordinary diplomat. It leaves humanity with a legacy of peace (…) and economic development. We will miss him badly, “Ramaphosa said.

Kofi Annan is dead


British Prime Minister Theresa May is one of many world leaders to respond to the death of this star of world diplomacy.

“It’s sad to hear Kofi Annan’s death. A great leader and reformer of the United Nations, he has greatly contributed to making the world a better world than the one in which he was born. My thoughts and condolences go to her family, “she wrote on Twitter.

“I learned with sadness that Kofi Annan died. (…) Annan has shown that we can be both a great humanitarian and a strong leader. The UN and the world have lost one of their giants, “said Jens Stoltenberg, secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a political-military alliance.

“Kofi Annan has dedicated his life to making the world a more peaceful place,” said US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

Barack Obama praised “his integrity, his determination, his optimism and his sense of our shared humanity”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “Kofi Annan’s voice will be greatly missed at a time when the joint search for solutions to global problems is more urgent than ever”.

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