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The Whole Truth About the Alleged Scandal of Koffi Olomide’s Daughter, Didi Stone

Didi Stone, the daughter of Congolese artist Koffi Olomide, was recently cited in a s_x scandal scandal on social networks. Everything would have started with a video posted on facebook on Monday, May 21, 2018 and on which we can see a girl who looks like Didi Stone engaging in an oral sex activity.

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Our fellow members of Culturébène indicate that on the video, we see the young girl with a veiled face cutting ” the pipe a man’s . Said video has become very popular on the web after being published on some websites. Some internet users even took the opportunity to tackle young Didi Stone: “ while the Werrason girls study in the States, Koffi’s daughter, Didi Stone plays porn, ” read in commentary in the publication Abdoulaye.


Other sites indicated that the girl on the video was not the daughter of Koffi Olomide,  but a porn actress in her twenties. Koffi Olomide himself did not remain silent on the controversial subject.

For the singer it is simply a settlement of account: ” Look at me well my name is Koffi, my name is Antoine. You who chose to wage a war against me, an unjust war, you who chose to confront me, confront me, do not confront my children because you will not succeed. We are a blessed family. I am a gentleman blessed by God, I must be confronted. The war you have chosen, you must leave the children aside, since you are a man, come meet the man I am. You see how you fail, you attack my offspring. Leave my daughter alone, “he said.


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