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The Video Of This Toddler Smoking Meth Has Gone Viral, Mother Arrested By Police

We’re honestly at a loss for words! In a report by the New Straits Times, disturbing videos showing a young boy from Kedah who was forced to smoke what appears to be ‘syabu‘ through a meth pipe have been making their rounds on the Internet.

Disturbing Videos of Kedah Toddler Forced to Smoke Meth Go Viral - World Of Buzz 4 Needless to say, the sight has caused intense distress and concern among Malaysian netizens. The boy’s paternal grandmother discovered the videos when one of her grandchildren showed them to her. The mother’s boyfriend was reportedly the one who recorded the videos. Apparently, the young boy’s parents divorced last year.

Kedah police are now in pursuit of the boy’s mother. They suspect the mother’s boyfriend was the person who forced the little boy to smoke the illegal substance. In one of the videos, the little boy can be seen sitting in the backseat of a car while holding a meth pipe. There also appears to be cash scattered on his lap.

A man’s voice (believed to be the mother’s boyfriend) can be heard talking to the boy in Tamil. He can be heard saying,


“Are you already high? “Is it nice? If it’s nice, you must ask for this next time, okay?” “Are you feeling high? Good, stay that way.” The second video shows the young boy sitting naked on the floor with a plate of rice in front of him.

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the little boy may have been under the influence of drugs in the second video.

“The complainant is unsure whether her grandson was drugged by the man or not. She is however, worried for his safety. She wants to claim custody of the boy from his mother.” “We have launched an operation to arrest the suspect and to rescue the boy,” said State Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mior Faridalathrash. Thankfully, the boy has been found and is now safe. Tests have also shown that the little boy has no traces of drugs in his system.

The boy’s mother turned herself in to the police at 1.30 pm this afternoon (14th June) and was subsequently arrested. The woman, who has a record of drug-related offences and possession of dangerous weapons, denied that there were any drugs in the meth pipe but her boyfriend was indeed the one behind the videos. The videos were reportedly taken to hurt her ex-husband’s feelings. However, she has not been remanded because she is currently eight months pregnant. The young boy will be kept in Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital’s children’s ward for further observation. Well, we’re glad the boy is safe and unharmed!


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