The United States Wants To “Disrupt The Russian Presidential Election”, According to Vladimir Putin

The United States wants to "disrupt the Russian presidential election", according to Vladimir Putin© POOL New Source: Reuters
Russian President Vladimir Putin

“In response to our supposed interference in their presidential election, [the Americans] want to disrupt the Russian presidential election,” Vladimir Putin said on November 9 during an official visit to the city of Chelyabinsk. With this in mind, Washington could use its “vast connections” and various “dependency mechanisms” within the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to achieve its ends.


The Kremlin master was indeed “concerned” and expressed his “strong suspicions” that the United States is trying to create an “atmosphere of discontent” in the sports community, stressing that the Games Olympic Winter Games 2018 will end a few days before the Russian presidential election. “If that were to be the case, it would be very dangerous, it would compromise the very purpose of the Olympic movement,” he warned.

Vladimir Putin notes that international organizations, including the IOC, are heavily dependent on Washington, noting that the main companies that acquire TV rights, as well as the main sponsors and advertisers, are based in the United States.


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