The United States Orders All Its Citizens To Leave North Korea Before September 1!! Find out why…

The United States has ordered all US passport holders to leave North Korea on or before September 1.

Americans who want to travel in this state secretly will have to get special permission from now on. And these authorizations will only be granted in “limited circumstances”, the US authorities said.

This decision follows the deterioration of diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea since the election of Donald Trump.

The United States had announced its intention to prevent any movement to North Korea following the death of Otto Warmbier on 13 June. This American student had been repatriated in a coma a few days earlier in the United States, after 18 months of detention in North Korea. His death has accentuated the already high tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, against the backdrop of the nuclear arms race of the communist regime


North Korea

Tensions between the two countries have increased and the United States has recently tested its ballistic missile system in Alaska.

In response, Korean leader Kim Jong-un warned the United States that he would not be safe from destruction if they tried to attack his country.

These restrictions apply for one year and may be renewed. So far, about 1,000 Americans travel to North Korea every year, according to travel agencies organizing these visits, which are totally supervised by the regime.


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