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The United States Opposes DRC’s Joseph Kabila Re-election: “This will only aggravate the conflict in the country”

The United States on Wednesday (July 19th) opposed the Democratic Republic of the Congo to sit on the Human Rights Council. They criticized the African countries that supported the DRC’s candidacy, declaring that this would only aggravate the conflict in the country.

As conflicts continue in the country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has applied for a seat on the Human Rights Council. This application has met the support of some African countries. For US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, this support is ”  an inexcusable failure to promote human rights by African countries  .”


The Geneva-based Council is currently investigating the atrocities committed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the country’s armed forces and militias in the Kasai region, where more than 80 mass graves have been found.

”  When countries in the Africa group advocate a country like the Democratic Republic of the Congo to become a member of the Human Rights Council, it not only weakens this institution, it also fuels conflict Causes so much suffering on this continent,  “said Haley.

For the United States, the Human Rights Council can be an advantage for Africa if African countries offer “credible” candidates.

In October, the UN General Assembly is due to vote on seats on the Human Rights Council, which already has 47 members. Four countries, namely the DRC, Angola, Nigeria and Senegal, have been nominated by African countries to occupy the four seats allocated to the continent.

Last year, the election of Saudi Arabia and China to the Human Rights Council despite evidence of human rights violations had also been criticized.


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