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The Underwater Museum That Features Over 470 Statues

If you’re one of those people who usually run for the hills at the mere mention of the word ‘museum’, you might finally have a reason to stick around. A unique museum has opened in Cancun that offers its visitors a rather strange and exciting way of viewing its artefacts: by diving underwater with a snorkel! The MUSA museum features 475 statues that have all been placed at the bottom of the ocean. The one-of-a-kind museum was created in order to protect the coral reefs in Cancun. The area is a huge tourist attraction for divers and this has had an increasing impact on the ecosystem of the reef. The underwater museum has been set up as an alternative area for divers to explore and it is also hoped the statues will encourage the creation of an ‘artificial reef that will encourage coral to grow and marine life to breed.’


There are all types of statues in the underwater museum

An underwater community

The statues provide homes for all kinds of marine life

There are over 470 different statues on the sea bed…

…including a car!



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