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The Truth Behind The Serpents Reportedly Coming Out Of The Tomb Of The Lebanese Singer Sabah Revealed!!


The famous Lebanese singer and actress “Sabah” died Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at the age of 87 years.

Sabah, whose real name is Jeanette Gergi Feghal, died at dawn in the suburbs of Beirut. She is known for her beautiful voice, Sabah has more than 3,000 songs, fifty albums and has also pursued a successful career in film, mainly in Egypt, where she has filmed in nearly 100 films.

The tomb of the defunct Lebanese singer Sabah, shock Internet users, especially Muslims. One would think oneself in front of a funeral furniture of the time of the pharaohs, that one buried with the deceased in order to recall its status …


On the social networks, this definitive residence of Sabah was compared to a luxurious residence or to a room of hotel of 5 stars. It contains furniture of a refined taste, a mirror and even a plasma screen … The coffin, meanwhile, has been placed on the bed.

Recently, the security guard at Sabah’s Tomb told the media that he sees every night snakes coming out of the Tomb of this singer. Many of the journalists like to make televised passages about this subject. While others do not believe this agent.

Allah knows the truth!






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