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The Touching Story of Marieme and Ndeye, Senegalese Siamese Sisters Struggling for their Lives (Video)

A Senegalese father is struggling with a decision no parent should ever make. He must decide the fate of his Siamese babies.

Ibrahima Ndiaye and his wife gave birth to their children on May 18, 2016. Today, Marieme and Ndeye, who are almost 3 years old, are fighting to stay alive. Marieme’s heart has become so fragile that she has to depend on her sister to live.

If Marieme dies, Ndeye will die too. Their father must decide whether to separate the girls.

Siamese babies are very rare. The condition occurs when the embryo only partially separates to form two babies and only appears in about one in 200,000 births, according to experts.

In Senegal, where girls were born, there were no specialized doctors to deal with these cases. Their father’s mission was to find someone who could help the girls and eventually separate them.

The touching story of Marieme and Ndeye, Siamese sisters struggling for their lives (video)

Ndiaye finally found a hospital in the UK that agreed to see the girls. Their mother went to London with her family and then returned to Senegal to take care of her other child.

The father and the girls stayed in London where they decided to seek asylum to ensure the safety and welfare of the twins.

According to Ndiaye, the lives of her children were in danger in Senegal. “People could see it as a punishment from God or believe it’s witchcraft,” he told the BBC.

“This point of view is very widespread. There are dangerous sacrifices and some children can be targeted, “he said. “People would not see Marieme and Ndeye as Siamese babies. They would see them as a baby with two heads and their lives would be in danger.

What is the state of girls?

In spring 2017, the doctors informed the family that Marieme’s heart was too weak to attempt a separation surgery.


The girls each have a healthy brain, a heart and lungs. They share a liver, a bladder and a digestive system. They also share a common arm. Each has a stomach.

The touching story of Marieme and Ndeye, Siamese sisters struggling for their lives (video)

Like most toddlers, they are always happy and love to sing. They can not walk.

Every day that passes, Marieme weakens. She receives oxygen from Ndeye’s heart and food from their stomachs.

The situation began to put Ndeye’s body under severe strain.

Last year, the doctors said that if the girls are not separated and Marieme suddenly dies, it would be too late to save Ndeye.

Ndiaye must make the decision to let the doctors try to separate the binoculars. But they risk losing one or both.

What is he going to do ?

For now, he is not ready to make that decision. Ndiaye says he’s trying to handle the situation as best he can. He spends his days caring for his daughters. He has no job or salary, and the family does not have a permanent home in London.

“To be honest, I find life here very humiliating, with no job or salary. But I try to use this difficult time to become a better person. I have to go through this difficult time with dignity.

For me, I need to know, in my heart, that I did everything for them, that I provided them with the safety and the best possible health care. When I look in the mirror, I need to be at peace. Beyond that, I have no control.

The future is uncertain, but my daughters are fighting every day for life and I feel very happy. I discovered by their life what life is. My daughters are warriors and the world needs to know it, “he said.


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