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The Touching Story of a Baby Once Abandoned and Accused of Witchcraft, Now an Aspiring Athlete

In February 2016, we airlifted the heartbreaking portrait of an abandoned baby, accused of being a witch in Uyo, Nigeria.

We then shared a publication a few months after leaving the hospital to inform that the baby is fine.

Recently, Anja Ringgren, a social worker who rescued Hope, shared photos of the boy on Facebook, donning his sports kit, participating in the inter-school sports competition.

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In 2019, Hope demonstrates humanity’s ability to help those in need, to transform lives by alleviating suffering, protecting life and health, and upholding human dignity.

The fate of children accused of witchcraft

Thousands of children are accused of being wizards in parts of Africa, and children are tortured and even killed.

Children accused of witchcraft are held responsible for any perceived curse in the community, whether by their neighbors or their own families. Charges include blame for illness, death in the family / community, a crop failure or loss of employment, accidents and other natural disasters.

In the worst case, children are maimed or even killed. The number of unreported cases is high and the police often refuse to intervene because these cultural acts are a taboo subject in public discourse and the fear of supernatural powers is widespread, even for police and prosecutors.

The protection of children against violence, including harmful practices, is enshrined in the international human rights laws adopted by the international community.

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