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The Top Pet-friendly Offices You Can Get a Job In!

Wellness Natural Pet Food invites companies nationwide to submit photos via Instagram that demonstrate why they deserve a place on this year’s list of America’s Most Pet Friendly Companies, such as the featured photo of a dog enjoying a day at the office at BISSELL® Homecare in Grand Rapid, MI.

Pets make our lives better, fun and interesting. There are lot of companies that offer their employees working benefits. Apart from the usual health and car insurance other parks include gym memberships, free transportation to work and sometimes free food. But there are some employers who are amazing that they understand how much pets mean to their employees.

Having a job at these pet friendly offices would mean that you could bring your pet along with you, which makes for a great work atmosphere.

The Top Pet Friendly Companies You Need to Know About

Apart from bringing your kid to work day, they let their employees bring their pets to work. Some even offer pet insurance and the following is a list of the best pet-friendly companies.

  1. Genentech

Federal regulations in San Fransisco do not let animals in their offices. But this has not restricted Genentech to celebrate pets. They offer pet insurance for dogs, birds and other exotic animals. Moreover, they have a discounted dog care, they are just animal lovers.

  1. VMWare

In 2011 the deputy general of VMWare saw an increase in cross-department interaction after she brought her pet to work. This prompted them to allow pets to work. The policy is simple, am employee just has to sign an etiquette deal and get tagged.

  1. Atlantic Health

The program “Soothing Paws” was launched in 2012 as a pet therapy program to help patients. Employees and other volunteers bring their dogs to work and will make daily rounds in the hospital. The pets have had an impact on the general atmosphere of the New Jersey-based hospital.

  1. Kimpton

The owner and founder of Kimpton Billy Kimpton was a lover of animals. The hotel chains allow their employees to bring their pets to work. Moreover, benefits such as insurance, bereavement leave and site amenities such as treat.emgs, water and bowls are offered. At the hotel, there is even an employee-owned dog who greets visitors when they arrive.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is based in San-Francisco and has some of the best policies in the region. Under the pet policy “Puppyforce” the company let’s six of their employees bring their dogs to work. The dogs are situated in a room that has all the amenities they need. They include padded cages, beds, water, dog biscuits, cleaning wipes and soundproofed walls. Moreover, the dogs have insurance,  discounted walking and vet calls.

  1. Mars

Mars produces pet-friendly foods. So, it is not surprising that they have a pet-friendly culture. They indulge in mainly pet-friendly causes. During Halloween, there are so many pet contests. Pets are given a travelling and pet feeding allowances.

  1. Google

Google has a profound love for dogs. The company allows trained dogs to come with their employers to work better known as Dooglers. They have a dog-themed cafe on campus. We all know that Google employees have some of the best perks in the world.


Which of these companies are you looking to try out for your job? Let us know below!



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