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The Top 5 Hairstyles That Made the Buzz in Ivory Coast

These hairstyles are timeless. No matter what generation you are in, you may have seen someone around you wearing it proudly. If there is only one reader, who tells us that she has never worn one of these hairstyles “it’s just a shake”


Commonly called ” all wicks ”, rwagas are long braids made with locks. They can be multicolored, uniform …. It’s a matter of appreciation. She gives a sexy and sensual kind to the one who wears it, Finally it depends on whoever is watching. The reasonable length of a good rwagga is the limit of the buttocks.


This hairstyle is quite special. In addition, it adapts to all forms of head. Women as men can wear it. It can be done with your own hair or with wicks. Those who wear them with locks often have a style a little Gothic, shifted …. You see what we mean.

Mougou – leave

Do not be afraid, this hairstyle is beautiful. It is made with half braided wicks and is best suited for short hair and relaxed. For those with natural and long hair, do not even think about it.

Emeline1442 est inscrit sur aladom


The Marcoussis are mats made with locks. They present themselves as intertwined roads. They are beautiful, simple and classy. We wear them for any ceremony.


This hairstyle is the best, time passes and repass but it remains. Ideal for moms like girls. Moreover, the trend has led to a perfect evolution. “Ball-ball 2.0” Even the stars do not go without it, enjoy …


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