The Top 5 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in Modern History

The Top 5 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in Modern History

Terrorist Attack Date Deaths Terrorist Type
1 New York City:
(World Trade Centre attack)
Sept 11th,
2,993 Islamic militant
2 Al-Qataniyah/ Al-Adnaniyah, Iraq:
(Simultaneous car bombs)
Aug 14th,
520 Islamic militant
3 Abadan, Iran:
(Cinema Rex fire)
Aug 20th,
422 Islamic militant
4 Beslan, Russia:
(school hostage taking)
Sept 1st-3rd,
385 Islamic militant
5 Irish airspace:
(Air India bombing)
Jun 23rd,
329 Sikh militant
Sources:  Top 5 of Anything Research 2015.


List Notes: Data is top 5 worst terrorist attacks in modern history. Death toll includes victims only and does not include the death of the perpetrator(s).

Please note: death toll statistics can be difficult to verify and therefore these numbers should be considered as a close estimate. The Top 5 of Anything does not attribute terrorist attacks to any particular religion but rather to organizations who may use religion as a means to achieve their political objectives.


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