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The Top 10 Longest Bridges In Africa!! The longest is 20.5km.. January ranking!

Bridges play a vital role in linking cut-off areas in many geographically diverse nations of the African continent.

Here are the top 10 longest bridges in Africa. There are more bridges under construction which are not on this list.

10) Katima Mulilo Bridge (900 meters)

The Katima Mulilo Bridge is built across the Zambezi River in Zambia. It was constructed in Concor and inaugurated on May 13 2004. The bridge carries the Trans Caprivi Highway.


9) Mkapa Bridge (970 meters)

Mkapa Bridge is the longest bridge in Tanzania. It is built across River Rufiji. It was financed by OPEC, Kuwait Fund and the Government of Saudi Arabia. The loan amount was $30 million.

Mkapa Bridge

8) Wouri Bridge (1.8 km)

The Wouri Bridge joins Douala to the port of Bonaberi. It carries both road and rail traffic to western Cameroon. It was built in the 1950s by the French during the colonial period.


7) Qasr al-Nil Bridge (1.932 km)

Qasr al-Nil Bridge is built across the River Nile. Located in Central Cairo, Egypt, this bridge connects downtown Cairo to Gezira Island and the Zamalek district. This steel bridge was designed by Ralph Anthony Freeman.


6) Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge (2.37 km)

Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge is located in Mozambique. It is built across River Zambezi. It connects Sofala and Zambezia, two provinces in Mozambique. The bridge is also called Zambezi River Bridge. Designed by WSP Group, the bridge is 16 meters wide.

Armando Emilio-Guebuza-Bridge-Mozambique


5) Dona Ana Bridge (3.67 km)

Dona Ana Bridge is built across the Zambezi River. It connects the towns of Mutarara and Vila de Sena. Construction of the bridge was completed in 1934. Currently it is a rail bridge.



4) Mozambique Island Bridge (3.8 km)

Mozambique Island Bridge is located in the Island of Mozambique. It connects the Island of Mozambique to the mainland over the Indian Ocean. This concrete bridge was completed in 1969 and is maintained by National Road Administration.


3) Suez Canal Bridge, El Qantara (3.9 km)

Also known as the Shohada 25 January Bridge, the Suez Canal Bridge is a road bridge built across the Suez Canal. It is located at El Qantara, Egypt. This bridge connects Africa and Eurasia. It is built with assistance from the Japanese Government. That is why it is also called Egypt-Japanese Friendship Bridge.

Suez Canal Bridge

2) Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos (10.5 km)

The Third Mainland Bridge is located in Lagos, Nigeria. The official name of this bridge is Ibrahim Babangida Bridge. It was opened in 1990. It is the longest of the three bridges connecting Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria, to the mainland. The bridge was built by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC.


1) 6th October Bridge, Cairo (20.5 km)

The 6th October Bridge is located in Cairo, Egypt. It is in fact an elevated highway that is 20.5 km long. The bridge is owned by the Government of Egypt and maintained by General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport. It is built across the Nile River. Its construction was completed in 1996.


These bridges are helping millions in the African continent.


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