“The time for babysitting is over,” Says African Union President Paul Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame said in an interview couple of weeks ago, that Africans would never grow up if they needed eternally “European, American, Asian or other babysitters”.

“We will never grow as long as we feel we have an eternal need for European, American, Asian or other baby-sitters,” Rwandan President Paul Kagame said in an interview published the week of June 11 in the weekly Jeune Afrique . “The less the world cares about us, the more we are able to care about ourselves. We must understand that the time for babysitting is over, “added the one who is the current president of the African Union.

Returning to his visit to France in May 2018 where he was received at the Elysee Palace for the first time since 2011, Paul Kagame said that Emmanuel Macron had “introduced a dose of freshness” especially “in relations between France and the rest of the world, including Africa “. “It helps and it changes from the neocolonial positions of yesteryear […] This new attitude must be encouraged,” he said.

The less the world cares for us, the more we are able to care about ourselves. We must understand that the time of babysitting is over


Asked about the existence or not of a joint France-Angola-Rwanda tripartite initiative on the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Paul Kagame said that “if there is any initiative”, it does not not only involve these three countries. “The region, Africa, but also the United States, Europe, China, Russia are also concerned about what is happening in the DRC,” he said.

Paul Kagame reveals having passed a DNA test to know his origins

The nine neighbors of the DRC, giant of Central Africa, including Rwanda and Angola, are closely monitoring the electoral process in this country, fearing overflowing violence. Elections are scheduled for December 23 to organize the departure of President Joseph Kabila, whose second and final term ended on December 20, 2016. Opponents accused him of seeking ploys to stay in power.

[The] racist whims are not resistant to DNA testing

“The Congolese situation impacts Angola and Rwanda, as border crossings, and France, as a partner with economic interests in Central Africa,” the president of Rwanda continues in  Jeune Afrique . “But to speak of a hostile axis formed by these three countries is either an imagination or a pretext for diverting attention from the real problems,” he said.

Finally, confirming press reports, the Rwandan president revealed that he had a DNA test “out of scientific curiosity”, which “revealed a complex genetic mix: African, European, Asian, Tutsi, Hutu …”. “Like what these racist fads do not resist DNA testing,” he continued.


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