The Story of Janusz Goraj; the Man Who Was Blind for 20 Years and “Regained His Sight” After Being Struck by a Car

A man who has been blind for more than 20 years is said to have regained his sight after being struck by a car on a zebra crossing.

The man named Janusz Goraj said that he was able to see properly two weeks after the road accident.

Goraj, from the town of Gorzow Wielkopolski in Poland suffered from an allergic reaction which damaged the retina of his right eye while his other eye saw only shapes and light.

Blind for 20 years, he "regains his sight" after being struck by a car

Although the traffic accident took place in 2018, Goraj was recently interviewed by “Polsat News”, where he stated that his eyesight was perfect since his accident.

“I fell on the hood of the car, hit my head, then slipped and fell on the road.” He explained.

Goraj was taken to the independent provincial public hospital for hip surgery after the accident.

Hospital spokesman Agnieszka Wisniewska told local media, “At a certain age, these fractures don’t heal so quickly, so he had to be hospitalized.”

Blind for 20 years, he "regains his sight" after being struck by a car

“At that time, the doctors did not care about his vision because of his injuries.”

However, in less than a fortnight, his wounds had most often healed, with the added bonus of his miraculous return, according to local media.

Now the Polish security guard, who previously only saw light and eye shapes, no longer even needs his old glasses.

Doctors were stunned by the incident, but can now only speculate on what caused the healing, as Goraj refused to participate in other tests, reports said.

Wisniewska said, “Her eyesight improved in two weeks. We don’t know exactly what is causing it, perhaps the mixture of drugs he was receiving during this period. “

One suggestion is that large doses of anticoagulants mixed with other drugs could have helped repair the patient’s unexpected vision.
Incredibly, Goraj is now able to live an independent life again and he is said to have left home and got a job as a security guard at the same hospital where his sight returned.

Wisniewska added: “We don’t know if he specifically asked for the job or if it’s just a coincidence, but he works here with us.


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