The Story of Janna Jihad Ayya, 13, the Youngest Journalist in the World (Photos)

Janna Jihad Ayya, a Palestinian girl born in the West Bank war zone, has written her name in the history books as the youngest journalist in the world.

Ayya, who lives in Nabi Saleh village in the West Bank, is famous not only for her documentaries about what is happening in her village, but also for joining other local children who regularly take part in demonstrations against the Israeli occupation. in the West Bank.

The story of Janna Jihad Ayya, 13, the youngest journalist in the world (photos)

The young journalist began her career at the age of seven by making videos of everything that happened in her village, Nabi Saleh. She was inspired by the fact that the world does not receive enough information from her country because journalists have not been able to cover most of the events happening there.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, the courageous girl lamented that many people in the world are unaware of the violence that is undermining her village.

“Few journalists relay information from Palestine. So I thought, why do not you send my message … and show them what’s happening in my village, “she said.

The story of Janna Jihad Ayya, 13, the youngest journalist in the world (photos)

His other source of inspiration is his uncle, Bilal Tamimi, a photographer who has taken the trouble to document the violence of Israeli soldiers in Nabi Saleh.

Pretty and smart, Janna already sees herself doing a brilliant career thanks to her passion for journalism.


“I’m talking about what’s going on. I see soldiers, cannons and police. They do a lot of things to push us to leave our land. “

The tragic death of his cousin, Mustafa Tamimi, killed by a gas cartridge, and another uncle, Rushdie Tamimi, who was shot in the kidney, triggered zeal to document everything that was happening in his village .

Janna has visited many places through her work, traveling with her family and using her mother’s iPhone to take pictures and videos.

The story of Janna Jihad Ayya, 13, the youngest journalist in the world (photos)

She was able to film illegally detained persons, protest marches and violent acts against Palestinian children.

Being a child has benefited her more than adult journalists because no one is aware of her presence. She revealed that most of the time, cameras belonging to adult journalists are seized by soldiers.

Janna, who believes her camera is her weapon, reports in Arabic and English, and posts photos and videos on her Facebook page. It has more than 22,000 subscribers on social networks.

Although her mother, Nawal Tamimi, admits she is proud of her daughter, she fears for her future and her life.

“I am proud of my daughter because she conveys her message to the world. But I’m scared for her when the army comes in the middle of the night and attack us with tear gas and we wake up in the smoke … They attack our people who protest against the settlers and the Israeli occupation. “

Janna has a bright future and a bigger dream, as she aspires to work for CNN or Fox News. According to the latter, these channels “do not talk about Palestine” and she wants to report on his country.


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