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The Story of a Rich Man Rejected by a Woman After Disguising Himself as Poor

A young South African rich man recounted his experience when he disguised himself as a truck driver and lectured to a beautiful woman. He described the rate at which he was rejected 3 times in a row by the woman.

According to the man, known on Facebook as Karabo John Moa, he first met the woman while driving her Mercedes Benz car. Later, he arrived at her home to pick her up in a truck for an appointment, but when she saw him, she turned around and left because of the car with which he had come to her house.


The story of a rich man rejected by a woman after disguising himself as poor

But Karabo John Moa did not give up and decided to leave. Once again, she rejected him when she saw him driving the truck.

No worries, he tried for a third time but this time, the beautiful young woman who obviously only thinks of material things told him in the face: “You do not take me seriously.”


The story of a rich man rejected by a woman after disguising himself as poor

He revealed that the woman’s housekeeper was in the act and they made fun of her, who did not know who she was dealing with. He concluded that some women are materialistic, and advised men to be wary of these women.

In reality, Karabo John Moa is a rich man who just wanted to see how materialistic he is. This woman must surely regret now … Laughs !!!

Sharing the photos of his luxury cars he wrote:

I just got back from the shortest appointment I’ve ever been to 
These materialistic women 🙄🙅🏾♂️😂
They see you in a Mercedes 
1st appointment, I’ll pick her up in one of my Bakkies (truck) instead of my Mercedes 😂😅😄😁
I’ve got her done 3 times now. Each time, when I stop at the door, she turns and walks away 🤷🏾♂️🙈
She tells me “You do not take me seriously 😏🙄” The guard of his building and I laughed 😂😂🤣😅
all three occasions, I probably would have paid the bill, so I saved money ☺️👌🏾
I do not say she is a gold digger, but she does not play with mown men 🤞🏼
#StayWoke #TheyWillDribbleYou😂🤞🏼😂😅

The story of a rich man rejected by a woman after disguising himself as poor


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