The South Africa Man Who Kill and Eat His Victim’s Heart Gets 18 Years

Cape Town, South Africa
JOHANNESBURG – A man who ate his victim’s heart after stabbing him to death was sentenced to 18 years in prison by a South African court on Wednesday.Andrew Chimboza, a 35-year-old Zimbabwean national, killed his girlfriend’s lover Mbuyiselo Manona on June 2014 in Cape Town’s Gugulethu township.


Judge Ashley Bins-Ward said that Chimboza had shown no remorse and refused to acknowledge his “unpredictable and uncontrollable rage”, the Rand Daily Mail reported.

He was found to have no mental illness after being placed under psychiatric evaluation.

Psychiatrist Tuviah Zabow told the court that Chimboza said the woman coerced him to kill Manona and that “she also demanded that he present her with the deceased’s heart”, news website News24 reported.

“His memory of the period of the offence was good but he declined to explain why he had sliced up the heart and was found eating it,” Zabow said.


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