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The Senegalese Opposed The Cremation Of A Chinese – “Senegal is not China. Here we do not burn the dead”


The Senegalese population has prevented the Chinese from practicing their funeral rituals to one of their compatriot who died in Senegal.

Indeed, the Senegalese population of Refane opposed the cremation of a Chinese worker dead in Bambey on the work sites of Illa Touba following an accident.


“Senegal is not China. Here we do not burn the dead. Either they bury it as we bury our dead or they repatriate it to China. We can not accept that foreigners here come to disrespect our customs and our religion, “explains Babacar Diouf.

In China they burn the dead. And if it was a Senegalese who died there and the Chinese prevent the Senegalese from burying it and forcing them to incinerate or repatriate it to Senegal. Were they not (the Senegalese) screaming at the scandal?
Is not it the Muslim religion that mentions “لكم دينكم ولي دين (Lakoum dinoukoum waliya din)”?


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