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The Secret To Michael Jackson’s Live Anti-Gravity Lean Is Revealed!

Michael Jackson is widely considered to be the greatest entertainer of all-time. Even after his death, he has remained one of the biggest pop culture icons in the world, and there’s no denying that his skills were in a league of their own.

In fact, Michael Jackson was so talented – that he was able to pull things off that literally seemed impossible. But if there’s one move of Jackson’s that everyone remembers (besides the moon walk), it’s the infamous anti-gravity lean.

Originally performed in the video for his 1987, “Smooth Criminal,” Jackson pulled off an incredible 45-degree degree line that proved once and for all that he was the baddest to ever do it. However, for years, people have wondered how exactly he was as able to do it. Did he have magic powers, was he being pulled by a string? Nope.

While the truth behind Michael Jackson’s anti-gravity lean may ruin some of the magic, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that he was incredibly creative, talented, and strong – because even with the secret revealed there aren’t too many people out there who will be able to duplicate this.


Watch To Learn More About Michael Jackson’s Special Shoes

But while you may be looking for a complicated answer to this burning question, it’s actually much simpler than you may have imagined. The secret was all in the shoes. That’s right, MJ and his crew came up with a special shoe that allowed him to lean forward while remaining tethered to the ground. But while the shoe kept Michael from being lifted off of the ground, it was his own upper body strength that kept him from falling over. Looks like the entire world has been hit and struck by one of the smoothest men to ever hit the stage.


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