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The Satan’s Bible Have Been Found In Czech Republic!! Details Inside….

A massive bible, said to have been authored by Satan, has been discovered in Czech Republic with pictures depicting the devil himself.

According to the Mirror, a UK-based Tabloid, the discovered ‘bible’ is the largest medieval manuscript in the world at nine inches thick and 36 inches tall.

Bible Authored By Satan

The book has a horrifying full-page picture of the devil himself and legends hold that it was formed from the skin of 160 animals.


According to one legend, a priest of the Benedictine monastery called Herman, broke his vows and was sentenced to be imprisoned for life.

But to escape this horrific fate, he promised to write a book containing all human knowledge in just one night.

It is further said that Satan agreed to Herman’s promise who then went ahead to add the devil’s picture to the ‘bible’ as a sign of gratitude.

Handwriting analysis has shown that indeed the massive book was written by a single man although it is said that the book is not housed in the National Library of Sweden Stockholm-as it should.


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