The Sale of an Anti-aging Cream Causes the Anger of French First Lady, Brigitte Macron

The affair shakes the Elysee. It relates to the marketing by unscrupulous individuals, cosmetic products, including an anti aging cream with the use of the name and image of Brigitte Macron, the French First Lady. And without the agreement of the latter. The ambition was to have more customers.

The information relayed by 20 Minutes, reports that several people were thus swindled through this inappropriate system set up by these people.

Indeed, said the same source, these men to succeed in making many customers, have created platforms on which they pass articles conveying false information. This information states that the wife of Emmanuel Macron would use the anti-wrinkle cream “Beauty and Truth” that market these men. A real scam built from scratch.


The pot to the roses was discovered when consumers who took the products started complaining after actually discovering that the First Lady of France was not linked to this structure that tells her customers that Brigitte Macron was one of her loyal clients.

According to the comment of a close friend of the first lady, Brigitte Macron felt offended by the fact that her image is often used in this way. To believe The Parisian, a complaint was filed by the lawyer Brigitte Macron in March.

It was also requested the removal of these pages that use the image of his client for commercial purposes and for scam.


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